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  • Banned in the Philippines: One of the more infamous examples in anime circles, and one that may well have led to its immortalization in the Phillipines. The first time the show was broadcast there in the very late 1970s, President Ferdinand Marcos' government ordered the show taken off the air with four episodes to go, with the official reason for the removal being cited as concern from local Catholic parents' groups over the show's "brutal violence". Mazinger Z and Daimos were also affected, cutting off the airing of their finales. Urban legend, and a lot of genuine suspicion, holds that the ban was just as much a response to the show's focus on Boazan's totalitarianism, which Marcos was, even at the time, frequently accused of; this isn't helped by the fact that the show was cut off a mere four episodes before the conclusion, where the Boazan Emperor is overthrown. Many of those who protested against the regime a few years later (in the wake of the assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr.) adopted Voltes V as their mascot, a symbol of resistance against the Marcos regime, as this art installation memorializes. The show proved popular enough to return years later; the 1999 revival is notable for being hyped to death and back as the show's "second coming", complete with a movie compilation of the last four episodes... though it and Daimos had returned in the early 1990s after Marcos was gone.
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  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Voltes V was planned to be a direct sequel to Combattler V



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