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This movie will pull a Friday the 13th
As in incorporate elements from the first few films from the original

Andrew Scott's character Inspector Turpin is related to a young Inspector Krogh
Who will get his arm ripped off during the film
  • Well, he did lose a hand.

Someone will refer to Victor as "a modern Prometheus"
Because it's high time that phrase was brought back to the franchise
  • That does happen.

The name "Igor" was given by the circus
His birth name was Fritz
  • Jossed. The name "Igor" was given by Victor. He never had a name prior.

This movie is a prequel to the book, not an adaptation
Virtually nobody from the book appears in the movie, the storylines are completely different, and the discrepancies with Victor's family can be chalked up to Victor withholding information from Captain Walton. The next Creature he sets out to make will be the Creature from the book.
  • The hitch in this is the presumed setting of the original book—it's probably safe to assume that it took place around the time it was published, which would be at the opposite end of the 19th century from the film's Victorian setting.

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