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Either the Happy Scrappy Hero Pup girl or the little girl Randal sells cigarettes to in Clerks is the same goth/emo/whatever chick who calls him a freak in Clerks II.
Why? Because it'd be funny as hell, and fit in well with abundance of Can't Get Away with Nuthin' from the first film. The only flaw is that the goth chick doesn't appear to have been played by the same girl as either of the other two.

There are two separate people named Willam Black.
Just to recap: there's a skinny guy in Clerks named Willam Black who says "its beautiful, man". In Mallrats, the fat guy trying to see the sailboat is also named Willam Black. But we can all agree they're brothers, cousins, or relatives with the same name.
  • Confirmed in The Criterion Collection's booklet for Chasing Amy: both Willams are listed, each one from a different hometown. (albeit misspelled as 'William')
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  • Jossed by Ethan Suplee (Mallrats Willam) in an interview with the AV Club, and by Kevin Smith on the DVD Commentary for Mallrats.

Dogma was the reason why the Clerks cartoon was canceled.
Religious groups who hated Dogma forced ABC to buy the show only to cancel it and prevented all studios from buying it.

Don Wrigley has a sister who married a man with the last name Black, and she and her brother have similar ideas on sibling naming.
Granted, it makes the issue of why they went to different schools confusing. Perhaps there was a messy divorce and the kids took sides? There are more arguments for them being different people than for them being the same.

Nurse Graves from The Road to Wellville is one of Randal's ancestors.
She had a much younger brother, or possibly a young nephew, who traveled east and settled in New Jersey, married a racist and latently homosexual woman and started a family. One of their sons married a woman from the Bruce family, and Randal was born to them in 1972.

Jay has Asperger's
He's an atypical portrayal due to his laid back Stoner tendencies, but he exhibits a lack of understanding of social boundaries (especially with but not limited to the opposite sex), has absolutely no verbal filter, sometimes appears to struggle to process his environment, and demonstrates stereotyped and repetitive speech patterns and behavior. He also uses a number of atypical terms of his own invention which he seems to expect other people who have never met him before to understand, indicating a degree of mind-blindness.

Clerks III won't be the last movie.
The first movie was about life as a twenty-something-year-old. The second one was about life as a thirty-something-year-old. The third one will be about life as a forty-something-year-old. For as long as Kevin Smith lives, he will make one new Clerks movie for each new decade of his life that he experiences.

Jay will not say Randall's name in Clerks III.
He hasn't before, and he never will.

In Clerks III, Elias will talk about the Hobbit movies.
He does love The Lord of the Rings.
  • Of course, Randall will blast on the movies.

In Clerks III, Elias will express his disappointment over Transformers: Age of Extinction.
Because many people hate that movie.

In Clerks III, there will be more Star Wars references.
Something will be said about the Disney buy-out and
Episode VII.

In Clerks III, something will be said about Ben Affleck playing Batman.
After all, Kevin Smith believes that he will "kill it."

In Clerks III, RST Video will be called "Randall's Spank Tank."
Instead of allowing people to rent ordinary home videos, it will be a porn store.

Scream 3 is not on the same plane of existence as the View Askewniverse.
Jay and Silent Bob appear in a scene of Scream 3. However, they witness the filming of Scream 4 in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The Scream series is fictional, so Jay and Silent Bob either got roles in Scream 3 or crashed the set.

The Die Hard series takes place in The View Askewniverse.
That's why Silent Bob appeared as "Warlock" in Live Free or Die Hard to guide McClane and Farrell where they needed to go to defeat Gabriel.

In Clerks III, something will be said about the celebrity deaths in 2016.
Including Kenny Baker and Carrie Fisher.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was made due to the issues faced in other sequels (Clerks III and Mallbrats)
Far easier to make a Jay and Silent Bob movie as it requires less key figures/rights than others.

The "Fucking Tracker!" guy has become an internet troll/cracker.
He spends his days in his computer talking crap about Banky and sending him hate emails, and set up an anti-tracers website.

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