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Possible Future Legendary Lords
These characters from the Warhammer lore might appear as future Paid or Free DLC.
  • Empire
    • Boris Todbringer, Elector Count of Middenland and Arch-Enemy to Khazrak the One-Eye
    • Genevieve Dieudonné, the only good Vampire in Warhammer who is accepted by the Empire. And a badass chick to boot.
    • Kurt Helborg, Reiksmarshal of the Empire and leader of the Reiksguard.
    • Ludwig Schwarzhelm, the Emperor's Champion.
    • Marius Leitdorf, the Mad Elector Count of Averland.
    • Elspeth von Draken, Magisterix of the Amethyst College and arch-wizard of the Lore of Death, along with her mount, a Carmine Dragon.
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    • Valten, the reincarnation of Sigmar who battled Archaon in the End Times.
  • Dwarfs
    • Gotrek Gurnisson, the most badass Slayer along with his human companion, Felix Jaeger.
    • Josef Bugman, a former Master Brewmaster.
  • Greenskins
    • Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain, a legendarily bold, cunning and obese Goblin warlord.
    • Snagla Grobspit, a legendary Forest Goblin chieftain.
  • Vampire Counts
    • Krell, the undead Chaos Warrior and Heinrich's bodyguard.
      • Confirmed.
    • Abhorash, the first of the Blood Dragons.
    • Ushoran, first of the Strigoi vampires.
      • He was later added in Total War: Warhammer II, but only as a generic Strigoi Ghoul King of a generic vampire faction east of Araby.
    • Queen Neferata, queen of Lahmia and THE first vampire.
  • Warriors of Chaos
    • Valkia the Bloody, a Daemon Princess and servant of Khorne.
    • Festus the Leechlord, a mad Doctor devoted to Nurgle.
    • Egrimm van Horstmann
  • Bretonnia
    • Repanse de Lyonesse, a female Knight and famous hero of Bretonnia.
  • Beastmen
    • Ghorros Warhoof, a centigor tribal chief.
    • Taurox, the Brass Bull, a violent and powerful minotaur lord.
    • Molokh Slugtongue, a repellent shaman with great power over plagues and vermin.
  • Wood Elves
    • Ariel, Mage Queen of Athel Loren, Orion's wife.
    • Naestra and Arahan, twin Wood Elf warriors along with their mount, the forest dragon Ceithin-Har.

The next two-race DLC after The Grim and the Grave and The King and the Warlord will focus on the Beastmen and the Wood Elves.
Partly because they're the two main factions left after the first four at-launch factions got their DLCs (ignoring the odd position the Chaos Warriors and Bretonnia have in the faction release scheme), and mostly because it would continue the trend of these DLCs focusing on factions with traditional enmities and specific reasons to fight (the Church of Sigmar versus the Undead, and the Dwarfs and the Night Goblins' feud over Karak Eight Peaks).

Alternatively, if they're not the focus of the next one, they'll still feature in a DLC together in opposition to each other.


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