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Karl Franz Holswig Schliestein alongside his men about to smack down heresy.

"Now we unite to purge this evil from our land! I swear this as your Emperor!"

The Warhammer universe has never been shown in it's full glory until now!

  • The reveal of the Grand Campaign Map where it brings the to life the Old Warhammer World in glorious and exquisite detail.
  • The sheer epicness of the trailers can send chills down the spine!
  • Defeating the Warriors of Chaos and averting the End Times. Or, alternately, playing as Chaos and single-handedly causing the End Times.
  • Destroying the Orcish factions as the Dwarfs.
  • In the Empire Campaign, Karl Franz begins with less power than he has in the lore and doesn't even wield any of his symbols of office like Ghal Maraz, because the Elector-Counts are still grumpy and will even call the Franz's own diplomatic overtures an insult... to the Emperor. By the time the Empire has its victory conditions filled, Karl Franz will hold more power than any Emperor has held in the past except - perhaps - Sigmar himself.
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  • Beating the game on legendary. Everybody may want to rule the world, but after beating a challenge like that, you'll feel like you can.
  • Somehow managing to Curb Stomp Archaon the Everchosen when he shows up, with no outstanding advantage. Such a feat requires intense planning a dozen turns in advance, careful unit selection, a cautious approach, flawless tactics, and incredible luck. But doing so is probably the greatest "screw you!" a mortal man can ever possibly deliver to the Chaos Gods.
    • Actually making the Everchosen, the most overpowered character throughout the lore and the game, flee for his life like a craven fool. Especially if you "wound" him while he's fleeing from battle; it must have been quite awkward to explain to his followers how he was "heroically" brought down by a cannonball to the back.
    • For that matter, crushing Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher, often at the same time as Archaon (or in the Chaos campaign, as him). Savvy players (and anyone who's finished the Chaos campaign) will realize that he's been candidly taunting you via the adviser throughout the game, which makes it all the more cathartic to pluck a few of his feathers. Manipulative Bastard though he may be, it's doubtful that being tackled from behind by an enraged griffin was all a part of his master plan.
      • In the case of Archaon this is especially awesome since Archaon's whole motivation is bringing about the End Times to spite the Chaos Gods, believing that he can create a world without them by destroying the world. Having a servant of the Gods sent down in opposition to him and absolutely demolishing it must be especially satisfying for him.
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  • Pretty much anytime two high-level commanders go toe-to-toe on the field. Karl Franz riding his elephant-sized gryphon Deathclaw vs. Mannfred von Carstein and his Dracolich, anyone?
  • The Shield of Civilization. In a series famous for its daft AI prone to sudden betrayals to the point where it is often deemed not worth the effort to attempt diplomacy, we finally get a game where it pays off. Besides Confederation which allows you to diplomance fellows of the same culture into your faction (meaning you get the same direct control you'd otherwise only get by conquest), when the End Times comes knocking Men and Dwarfs put aside their differences to unite against Chaos - resulting in a massive diplomatic bonus that will make it easy to confederate those who remain of your culture and ally with those who are not. Then when it actually beats the End Times, it becomes a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as well as prior to the devs patching it in an update (and even sometimes afterwards), the alliances forged would last in spite of the fact that the game says everyone will go back to killing each other once Chaos was defeated. In the Total War set in a world where that kind of warmongering would be perfectly fitting, diplomacy was not only worth a damn, but in many ways it yielded a superior result!
    • And tied to this, having an ally at your back in battle. Whether its the dwarfs arriving to stand by Karl Franz at Blackfire Pass in a quest battle or riding to Kislev's rescue as the Norscans come knocking, there is something particularly satisfying in seeing allied blue on the battlefield fighting alongside your men, especially when you utterly trounce the other side.
  • The Siege of Karak Kadrin, a fanmade map that has become a great example of how much potential has been given to the mod-Community. Many fans were dissapointed that the siege-battles against the Dwarfs were not much more than slightly tougher siege battles. This map, that was made in less than a week, gives a much more lore-accurate and awesome image of how much hell can be unleashed against anyone crazy enough to siege a dwarfen Karak.
  • On a meta level, the success of the game itself counts as one. While a fantasy themed Total War was clearly desired from the various mods converting a title into a fantasy setting, no one actually knew how well it would do in reality. Quite a number of people were skeptical if the Warhammer license would work and if Total War should stick with historical games. These doubts were quickly blown away, with the game's release becoming the fastest selling Total War title ever! With the game considered one of the most polished and optimized in the series (especially compared to the notorious launch of Rome II), and it remained on the Steam top sellers list for almost two months following its release.
  • Razing enough settlements as Norsca to earn the full favor of one Chaos God. Then fighting and killing the champions of the other three gods you chose not to follow. Earning the attention of Archaon who calls you to join his chaos invasion and bring ruin to the world...
    • Which you can reject and go to war with him to take the title of Everchosen for yourself! Fighting his dreaded legions of chaos warriors and their mutated hellspawned beasts with Badass Normal viking warriors and monstrous war beasts of your own. You've rightfully earned "The True Everchosen" buff you receive after beating him.
      • It becomes especially awesome if you'll do it as Wintertooth. Unlike Wulfrik, who is blessed and empowered by Chaos, Throgg is just an unusually intelligent troll. And yet, with our help he and his monsters will become THE champions of the Dark Gods. Trolls, usually believed to be barely smarter than animals? Fimir, who, despite their eternal loyalty, are said to be long forsaken by the Ruinous Powers? Their time has finally come!
  • For fans of Sigvald the Magnificent, of which there are many, paying Throgg back for Sigvald's (rather deserved) fate during The End Times is possible in a chaos campaign. This can lead to Sigvald wiping out Wintertooth.
  • As Chaos, it is possible to, after achieving a long campaign victory, destroy the rest of the factions as well, including your allies. Not only are you bringing the End Times, you truly have caused the apocalypse.
  • Playing Bretonnia and reaching the end of their campaign sees you dealing devastating blows to either of two of the oldest and most persistent evils in the world. The Errantry War against Chaos is particularly notable, in that, for the first time in eons, you actually take the fight to the Chaos Wastes rather than defending against another chaos invasion, ending with you beating Sigvald, Kohlek, Archaon and Sarthorael and their armies in a single battle, dealing a devastating blow to the Ruinous Powers.

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