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"Get em ladz!"

  • During the Empire walkthrough video showcasing some of the gameplay mechanics for the Empire campaign, it is shown that players can assign Lords in offices (which would provide several bonuses to the province they are currently stationed in). When the developer assigns one of the Lords as a treasurer, he renames his last name as "Pennypinch" (he states that it befits his new role).
  • Some kill animations can border into black comedy:
    • The Arachnarok Spider will eat an enemy unit whole, and seconds afterwards will spit out the unit's weapon/s.
    • The Minotaurs may sometimes attempt to ram infantry with their horns. This leads to the foe getting gored and stuck until the annoyed massive beast can shake them off.
  • Goblin Great Shaman Reacts: The game's reveal video with running commentary from Gnashra Shroomchewa, an irreverent Goblin shaman. It's as funny as it sounds.
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  • Vampire Counts skeletons move like marionettes. Every member of the unit moves in sync. Especially in the early game where you're fielding them as a mainstay unit and so have several units in a group the effect is hilarious.
  • In the Greenskins intro, the Adviser smells something and, much to his disgust, the smell is from a pile of dung.
    • Greenskins can leave similar dung piles in towns they sack, which the unfortunate loser has to clean up if they want to build anything in that space.
  • During the Dwarfen campaign, the player might get a Grudge quest involving an Empire nobleman. The reason for the grudge? The nobleman shortchanged the Dwarfs by two gold coins! And the reward for completing said Grudge quest? Two golden coins! Bonus points for being a reference to a similar story from the Empire Army Book (that one was two-and-a-half pennies).
    • Another Dwarf one is an event where you can chose the Honor Before Reason route... OR forgo the reasonable path for the sake of honor. The wording is barely different, and effects of both choices are identical.
    • One particular Grudge requires you to send a saboteur to punish a neighboring dwarf clan. Why? Because they stole a halfling cook whose "nutty fig pudding" King Thorgrim was fond of. It's even possible to encounter this grudge while Archeaon is merrily rampaging toward the Dwarfen capital and half the world is a burning, chaotic hellscape. Yet even during the end times, the infamous "halfling pudding grudge" cannot be ignored.
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    • Another Grudge that pops up after fighting the Vampire Counts concerns a group of Dawi merchants who were murdered and raised as undead thralls… because the vampires wanted to perform a play that required dwarfen “actors”. For their part, the Dwarfs seem to take more offence at the vampires' particularly awful choice for the play instead of the whole "murdered Dawi" issue, in an almost un-Dwarfish display of odd priorities.
    Their bodies have been risen and made to preform a dread revel; a puppet re-enactment of Jeager’s travesty of a play, “Stoutheart Beardcomber and the Ostlander’s Wife". A terrible Grudge, for it is indeed a terrible play!
  • During the Empire campaign, generally you get pop up events randomly giving you a penalty to diplomacy with various provinces. One of them explains that the reason for it is because of a 'Franz-Hater', who couldn't forgive Franz for his happy marriage because the noble had courted the same woman and lost out to the Prince of Altdorf.
  • You have to be a bit zoomed in to hear it, but soldiers will often say various things while fighting. Often it's just warcries, but you get some occasional gems like this one, overheard from an Empire soldier fighting the Dwarfs:
    "Ouch! He headbutted me in the groin!"
    • You might also hear: "Stabby time!"
  • As traits are still assigned to characters as they were in previous games, the various legendary lords can gain traits which are hilariously out of character. Examples include Grimgor Ironhide deciding to become a farmer and Mannfred von Carstein developing a fear of vampires.
    • And the descriptions for them are full of snark. For example, some describing characters in general (full of life, regal, etc.) often end with "We'll see how long that lasts."
    Enchanter: "Famed for his mastery of magic. Also his extreme arrogance and pedantry. Certainly bullied as a child."
    Lucky: "Finally made some armour saves, did you?"
  • The way goblins might sometimes call out "Stab!" when they are assigned to do something.
  • The change notes for the first patch include "Mork is now considerably Morkier", "Goblins are now more ticklish", "Communiteam will now have immunity to all Trolls", "You’ve come so far. Don’t give up now!", and "Gork is now appreciably Gorkier".
  • During the Greenskin Campaign trailer, Muzg the Astute is kitted out with some pretty neat loot...
    The Armor of Gork; Bashed together out of the blackest metals of the underground together with the reforged suits of slain stunties, this armor is thick, heavy, and said to be blessed by Gork himself! Well... he spit on it anyway.
    Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!; The infamous event known as Ragnarok will see the world destroyed in an orgy of fire and slaughter at the hands of the Greenskins. This is rumored to be the Axe that will kick it all off. Best swing it with caution... or not!
  • The CA Announcer had this to say when the Beastmen expansion was relesed;
    Go! Pillage! Burn! And be the beautiful, brutal goats you all know you are in your hearts.
  • If you ever decide to siege Brettonia, then there is a good chance that their towers will launch cows at your troops. Cows stuffed with explosives that is.
  • When Vlad von Carstein was announced for the third free DLC, one information about him was that he gives Vanguard Deployment to EVERYONE IN HIS ARMY. People quickly caught on this and deduced that Creed taught him how to turn his UNPARALLELED SKILLS IN NECROMANCY into TACTICAL GENIUS. This almost completely negates the slow movement of zombies and the Vampire Counts' lack of missile units. Also it's hilarious to see an army of undead appearing right from the flanks or behind and seeing your enemy simply losing it.
  • In The King and The Warlord DLC, both the Dwarfs and the Goblins decided to incorporate a special middle finger to the opposing faction with the help of their respective Regiments of Renown, the Gob-Lobber (a Grudge Thrower that launches a rock with a screaming night goblin tied to it.) and the Loonies of Eight Peaks (Night Goblin Fanatics who use a Dwarf tied to a chain as a weapon).
    • The same DLC gives us Squig Hoppers as a Greenskin light cavalry unit - while the base concept of a deranged goblin riding, or rather trying to hold onto a bouncing mouth-with-legs as it scrambles towards the enemy, is funny enough what really sells their comedy value is one of their death animations where the last spasm of the Squig sends both parties into the air with the goblin reaching the ground first only to be crushed by the descending Squig corpse. Complete with slowly-relaxing extended arms.
  • During a developer video showcasing the Wood Elves' campaign mechanics, we see that the elves possess a mechanic to assign Lords to offices similar to the Empire. However, it turns out that Treemen Ancients cannot be assigned to offices:
    "Treemen are not permitted to hold positions on the Elven Council. What tree racism is this!?"
  • A Steam article had this to say about the Realm of the Wood Elves launch;
    I’m sure wood elves are lovely folks but I know if I ever see one, there’s no way I’m not ending up mulched around a sapling. If that sounds a lark to you, hey, the Wood Elves have arrived!
  • The Old World Edition patch notes gave us this gem:
    Orion, The King In The Woods, has issued a proclamation throughout Athel Loren denying his resemblance to Mel Gibson.
  • A rare Gem, given how far apart the factions start, but the "ask for peace" message from the Norscans to the Orcs is particularly good:
    "We don't want peace with you Orc - we just want you to fight SOMETHING ELSE!"
    • Another "ask for peace" message for the Greenskins delivered from the Wood Elves is also pretty good:
    "Your vile stench is too much! We are ready for peace!"
  • Just the text description for Throgg's "Copious Vomit" special ability: HUUUURGGEHH!!! BLUUUURGGEHH!!! HUUUUUUUURRRRGGGGGGGGGGGEHH!!!
  • During one campaign battle for the Greenskins, the game notifies you that a Steam Tank is approaching by saying, "Beware! A tankity tank approaches!"

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