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Seth is gay.
Nearly half of all his dialogue is "Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?" and is insanely jealous when Evan spends time with anyone other than him. And then when he carries him home...
  • Futhermore, Evan is aware of Seth's repressed sexuality, which is why he's so eager to go to college with Fogell instead.
  • And the dicks.
  • Also, in the unrated version, we have this line:
    Evan: I mean, it's not like we do everything together.
    Seth: I gotta take a piss. Come on Evan, my dick isn't gonna shake itself!
  • The "ten percent of kids do it" line about obsessively drawing penises sounds remarkably similar to the rumor that 10% of people are gay.
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  • Or bisexual. Although the reasons previously given can't be ignored, he does seem to be genuinely attracted to Jules.
Seth was sexually abused as a child
The drawings could be his way of letting out the memories he repressed.
Seth is usually nicer than he is shown in the movie
Evan actually kind of says that.
The cops are Seth and Evan from the future.
They've come into the past to help guide the three main characters in a coming of age story, as well as helping to strengthen Seth and Evan's friendship (particularly notable when they forces Seth and Evan to hold hands).

If Jimmy's brother had been onscreen, he would have been portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg.
Because people believe that he and Michael Cera look alike.
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