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Like the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman and Batman, or at least other superheroes, predate Superman.
  • Because unless he's on something, there's no way that the pimp should not be freaking out in shock at a man in blue tights and a red cape flying unless there are other superheroes around in this universe.
    • Perhaps the Justice Society existed before Superman. Wonder Woman was a member, and she's the Lynda Carter version. While Batman came after Superman, and it's the Burton/Schumacher version, who mentioned Superman and Metropolis.
      • In the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman mentioned his wife and coworkers in the Daily Planet were killed by "a reject from Gotham", implying a Batman does exist. While the Lynda Carter and Burton/Schumacher versions exist in their own universes.
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    • Besides, this troper chalks up the pimp's reaction to Rule of Funny.

Clark Kent was the person inside the taxicab.
To add to the realism of the film. We see from his point-of-view at that moment. The driver says "welcome to Metropolis". And apparently the passenger's stop was the Daily Planet, where Clark will be working at. This scene was right after we see Superman fly out of the Fortress.

  • Superman III: Superman split into Good (Clark Kent) and Evil (Superman). In CoIE, he mentioned the time he went nuts and fought himself.
  • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: Lex created Nuclear Man to fight Superman. Some time later, scientists detect signals from where Krypton was, leading Superman to leave Earth for 5 years. Lex's trial was on his schemes in Quest for Peace.
  • Supergirl: Supergirl arrived on Earth while Superman was away. She eventually does reunite with her cousin after Superman Returns.

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