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Miho and Kevin are both former assassins that were trained by the Colonel
They both have similar skills and are crazy enough to be involved in The Guild. They escape for moral reasons (Kevin, as twisted as he is, had some bizarre moral hangups). He ends up at the Farm while Miho decides to hide out in Old Town.
  • Perhaps more frightening: maybe The Colonel himself found Kevin's behavior objectionable.

Wallenquist is the Nazi Hunter in "Rats"

This theory has been floating around for a while now. A younger Wallenquist is hired by the German mafia or government to exterminate the retired Nazi war criminal and that's the start of his organization. For all we know, this story actually takes place in Germany and not in Sin City at all.

  • Maybe he' s an ex Mossad Nazi Hunter.
  • Or possibly in Argentina or Brazil.
    • Actually, the war criminal's narration explicitly states "Not in London, now. In America."

Marv is still alive.

If Superman can come back from the dead, why can't this guy just have been put in a death like trance when he was electrocuted...then woke up when he was stuffed in the cremating machine and broke out.

  • Because it would lessen the impact of the story.
    • Besides, its not like the Old Town Girls would come rushing to his aid for going on Roaring Rampage of Revenge for one of their own and all their "sisters" that were killed and cannibalized on the Farm despite the daunting odds, nor would it make sense for them to bribe/threaten a few electricians/doctors/executioners to lower the electric chair's wattage, slip in a tranquilizer and pronounce Marv dead and smuggle him out later for some plastic surgery just like for Dwight.
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    • Specially not considering that he is friends with:
      • Badass Wendy (co-leader of the Old Town Girls) and by extension, Gail (Co-Leader/Dragon) and Miho (The Enforcer).
      • Dwight, who is also on good terms with Gail and Miho, and owes Marv favors. (Did a similar plastic surgery/disappearance trick himself too.)
    • It just wouldn't be believable for an organization like the Old Town Girls that would murder entire mafia families for a stray bullet that killed one of their own and then start a bloody mob war to do all that instead of just giving Marv a 2nd sexual experience with his first time's twin sister.
Marv is dead. There is no need to go looking for him because he is most definitely dead. He did not get out of town with Wendy (and his mom), nor are they living Happily Ever After with Wendy organizing fronts and safe houses outside of Sin City with Marv as the muscle and occasional backup for the Old Town Girls. The End.

  • Actually, considering the sort of punishment he's survived, it wouldn't be surprising if Marv just suddenly woke up in a coffin, wondering how the hell he got in there as he digs himself out to go get a drink.

Kevin is a Vampire.

We never see him in direct sunlight, performs his killings in a lightproof room under the farm, has supernaturally sharp fingernails and agility, and finally, doesn't die until he's beheaded. If nothing else, being a Malkavian fits him wonderfully.

  • He eats human flesh. Whatever Pisha was is probably more accurate.
    • Also, would he not become a pile of ashes upon "death"?
      • Well, in the pen and paper game, younger vamps take a longer time to disintegrate. Maybe he was just young.
      • The wolf ate most of him. It seems all that was left was the head.

The characters who reveal their full names are the only ones in the whole city who are without sin.
Everyone who goes by One Name Only, and they are many, are harboring some guilty secret or other. Wallace likely did something in that war except win the Medal of Honor, and he's a fairly straightforward hero compared to most of the protagonists. Nancy Callahan is an innocent and John Hartigan is Galahad incarnate. Dwight McCarthy's case is a little curious; if memory serves we only learn his last name after he dies and gets resuscitated, symbolically cleaning his slate - not that he ever forgives or forgets his murder of Damien Lord.

And Ava Lord, she might only wear Mr Lord's name as a disguise. "Iron" Jack Rafferty, though, is the exception. Unless he's aware of the rule and taking advantage of it to get good press to hide his true nature? Yes, I just Epileptic Tree'd my own Wild Mass Guessing.

  • Word of God is "Iron" Jack Rafferty was once as good a cop as Hartigan, and in fact a hero cop, but after years on the force he became worn down and burnt out. The version we see is of him at rock bottom. Frank Miller has stated he will make a novel about the rise and fall of Jack Rafferty, but so far nothing has come of it.
  • It's not so much a disguise as her new legal name from her marriage to Damien Lord, who appeared to live without sin. Her maiden name is unknown.
  • Um...Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark...
    • Same case as Jack Rafferty. He was a good man once but he was broken down by the evil that surrounded him throughout his life.

The '57 Bel Air was manufactured well past 1957 in the Sin City universe.
As the story goes, a bunch of pissed of GM executives struck out in late 1957 to make their own '57 Bel Airs in several small factories in Southern Illinois upon finding out the '57's iconic bodystyle, with its famous peaked tail fins, was being axed for the next year. They made them, though only coupes, with hand pounded body panels (which fixed the imperfections in Fisher's mass production) and frames, transmissions and engines pirated from Illinois Chrysler factories, then sold to used car dealerships across the US, and supposedly over 200,000 were made.

Or course in reality it's pure rot, but this could be stretched to making sedans, wagons and Nomads as well, which would explain why there are so many in Sin City, being used as police cars, taxis and private vehicles.

Nancy's follow-up story will probably involve the injection Roark Jr. inserted in her in the first movie
  • Jossed. That wasn't Junior's blood injected in Nancy, just a sedative coloured yellow as part of his motif. So no, Nancy isn't going to turn yellow.

Senator Roark had samples of his son's semen in case he died
He'd probably have a backup plan in case his son was unable to impregnate anyone. He might pick any random good looking woman, or kidnap Nancy and inject it into her as an act of vengeance, if he wanted to.

Hartigan's soul is tied to his revolver.
After his death, Nancy manages to get hold of it. She sees him everywhere and he watches out for her. As long as Nancy has his gun, he will always be with her.

Joey is Henry Hill's identity in Witness Protection
He was obviously bored of living a normal life, so he carved out an empire of his own in grocery stores, remarried after Karen left him in 1987, and cheated on that wife as well.

In Hartigan's prequel (if it's ever written), he beats up Manute.
Since Manute being beat down by the story's badass hero/anti-hero as a measuring stick is becoming a trend, it's only natural that Hartigan would have fought him in his younger days.

Sin City is the last city in America (possibly the world) still standing after a nuclear war annihilated the rest of the planet.
This is why the city is in such a state of anarchy. Everyone left alive are in a state of collective denial about the end of the world, and soon they'll be dead too once the city can no longer sustain itself.
  • Unlikely. There's a direct connection to Phoenix (Texas in the film) mentioned in A Dame to Kill For, Roark Sr. is a Senator and his brother is a Cardinal and Marv mentions the Pope in Sin City/The Hard Goodbye, so there's clearly a functioning world out there.

Frank Miller's short story "Mercy!" takes place in the Sin City universe.
The comic book one-shot Dark Horse Maverick 2000 featured a new short story by Frank Miller, entitled "Mercy!". It was very much in the style of Sin City, so it could easily take place in the same universe, even if it may have happened well beyond the city limits.

Basin City is not part of the US .
Basin City used to be part of the US. However somewhere in the 20th century it seceded from the United States in a civil war (the war so many characters mention) and became an isolationist city state. That's why the US government does nothing about the rampant crime, corruption and poverty, even though it is a large city. It is also why few characters leave the city and why older cars are still used.
  • Roark Sr. is stated to be a US Senator.

The film version of Bob is a different person in A Dame to Kill For.
In the book, he's the same character in A Dame to Kill For and That Yellow Bastard, but in the film adaptations he's portrayed by two different actors with no indication they're the same character.

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