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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Miho toying with Jackie Boy before killing him. She slices off his hand with her shuriken, and he has to comically pry his gun from his own severed hand. Later, he trips on his hand and falls on Miho's shuriken, getting it stuck in his ass.
  • In both comic and film, when Miho shoots Stuka with a message arrow. As a Call-Back to the fact that "You won't feel it if she doesn't want you to."
    Stuka: Hey, there's an arrow in me.
    Stuka: Should we, maybe, take me to a doctor?
    • In the film, he is later shot in the head with another arrow, and just sighs.
  • Marv being told to get lost by Kadie's new bouncer. Marv just grabs his head, jabs his thumbs in his eyes and walks right in.
    • Followed by one of the waitresses telling him he should take it easy on the guy, since he's new and doesn't know any better.
  • Marv dragging some poor bastard's face along the pavement as he drives.
    Marv: I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball...!
  • The ending of Fat Man and Little Boy, which is about Schlubb and Klump contemplating whether to steal a corpse's fine boots. It's rigged with a bomb...
    Schlubb: I believe we have been properly chastised, Mr. Klump.
    Klump: So it would appear, Mr. Schlubb.
    • Pretty much any time Schlubb and Klump open their mouths—such as when they argue over the Awesome, but Impractical car Klump has chosen to drive to the motel in That Yellow Bastard. Especially when Klump brings up its "sheer phallic majesty"....
  • When a badly wounded Dwight is threatened by Miho with a blade on his back, Goldie and Wendy standing in front demanding him to leave Old Town, he thinks:
    I should fear for my life, and I would....if I could get that damn Doublemint jingle out of my head.
  • When Jackie Boy is outside Shelly's door, he hears her talking to Dwight and says "it sounds like you got somebody in there with you". Shelly's response?
    "Somebody? It's a regular African love-fest in here!"
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  • Dwight telling Jackie Boy to leave Shelly alone, in a slightly dark way (Clive Owen's monotone voice makes it even funnier).
    Dwight: [grabbing Jackie Boy's hair and holding a straight razor to his eye] Hi. I'm Shellie's new boyfriend and I'm out of my mind. You so much as talk to Shelly again, you even think her name, and I'll cut you in ways that will make you useless to a woman.
    Jackie Boy: You're making a big mistake, pal. A big mistake.
    Dwight: Yeah? You already made a big mistake yourself. You didn't flush.
    Jackie Boy: [his eye widens]
    [Dwight shoves Jackie Boy's head in the toilet, brushing his hand away from the flusher, then leaves when Jackie Boy stops twitching]
    [Jackie Boy jumps out of the toilet, then vomits his own urine and toilet water]
  • The entire (hallucinated) conversation between Dwight and Jackie-Boy.
    "You shut the hell up Jackie-Boy. You're dead. I'm imagining that you're talking so just shut the hell up."
    • Dwight begrudgingly admits Jackie Boy has a point.
      Sure he's an asshole. Sure he's dead. Sure I'm just imagining that he's talking. None of that stops the bastard from being absolutely right.
      • In the movie, at one point Jackie Boy lights a cigarette and flips off Dwight. While dead.
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    • And he's still trying to talk after his mouth has been taped shut. Dwight hisses shut up out of the side of his mouth.
  • When Miho rescues Dwight from the tar pits:
    "You're an angel. You're a saint. You're Mother Teresa. You're Elvis. You're God...and if you'd shown up 10 minutes earlier and gotten a little more killing done, we'd still have Jackie-Boy's head.
  • In Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Johnny getting medical attention from Back-Alley Doctor Kroenig (played by Christopher Lloyd) is both this and Nausea Fuel. Especially when Johnny runs out of money mid-surgery and has to give Kroenig his shoe in order to pay for the rest of the job.
    • Kroenig shoots up some heroin before he operates.
      Kroenig: Ah...! Steady as a rock.
    • Johnny's "Oh, fuck me..." expression sells the scene.
  • When Hartigan assaults the Roark farm in "That Yellow Bastard", he takes down a cop, while Kevin casually reads his bible, and rocks in his chair. Completely unconcerned about these proceedings.
  • Family Values:
    • Dwight gets hit on by a female cop so he pretends to be a Depraved Bisexual to get rid of her, both to continue with his task and so Miho won't murder her. Dwight asks her to handcuff him, then "spank me and call me Belinda. That's what Douglas always does." The cop facepalms and thinks to herself "You sure know how to pick 'em" and drives off in a hurry.
      Dwight: Was it something I said?


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