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Teo and Lippti are dead
Aht can see dead people. She is also the only party member besides Stocke who can see him interacting with them.
  • It's revealed that they're fragments of the soul of someone from the ancient empire. So yeah, they're basically a dead person.

Party Member levels and such carry over because of Stocke's bond with them.
The purpose of the White Chronicle is to prepare the Sacrifice for the Ritual by helping them form and strengthen their bonds with others, right? Well, in order to strengthen any bonds those others would need to remain alive, and would require the skills needed as such. Every time Stocke uses the Chronicle, it takes a "snapshot" of the rest of the party as perceived by Stocke, and each time he travels to a node it reapplies the abilities from the most recent "snapshot" to all of the pertinent characters, advancing them to whatever level of power they were at.
  • This could also explain the effect of feelings and emotions transferring between timelines: as Stocke gets closer to people, he gains more of an understanding of how they think and feel, and how his choices have affected them. These are incorporated into the "snapshots", and are applied when Stocke transfers to a node. This explains why these carryings of emotions and thoughts become more and more pronounced as the game progresses.
    • Following this logic, At Journey's End's requirements actually make sense.

Save points and the ability to continue when you get a game over are justified
Lippti and Teo are shown at the beginning of the game to share the Chronicle holders' Save Scumming ability, jumping back in time when the continent gets consumed by desert. Since if Stocke dies, the world ends, they could easily have been redoing the events of the story over and over until they manage to find a future where, say, the
Hell Spider doesn't kill him.

The slaver Marco says was "hitting on" Raynie was attempting to rape her
The game edges around several heavy topics, so having an obtuse mention of Attempted Rape isn't out of the question. Marco's choice of words isn't just to keep the game's rating, though; he's passing this story on in front of Aht and probably doesn't want to have to explain exactly what that means to a 10-year-old.
  • They were captured by a slaver, Marco actually says the guy "tried to make a move on Raynie", not just hit on her, and Raynie gets pretty upset when he brings it up again. So yeah, the implication seemed pretty clear to me.

Okay, so this is a rather Tame Mass Guess, but it's not unreasonable to speculate that she was meant as your White Magician Girl, only as The Lancer's Love Interest rather than that of The Hero. She's even carrying a staff (spear? polearm?) and wearing a breastplate in her portrait like an adventurer. note . She travels with you a few times. Perhaps a dedicated medic was determined to be too much of a burden to include.

The girl in the bar at the end is actually Mimel.
Between Stocke's desire to set things right and his crazy time-travel powers, it'd be kinda odd if he didn't at least try to find a way to save her. We know he's gained some memory altering abilities since he erased Kiel and the other soldiers' memory of who helped them so it's entirely possible he did something to her memory to make her forget who she was so that Heiss wouldn't feel threatened enough to turn her into sand. It seems that Marco hadn't seen her in that bar before from his reaction, so Stocke could have gotten her a new life and a job there where Marco was sure to find her eventually.
  • As revealed in Perfect Chronology's new ending, she's actually Mimel's younger sister, which explains the similarities.

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