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Fridge / Radiant Historia

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  • To go along with the chess themes in the game, the Black Chronicle is first used to ambush Stocke after he first used the White Chronicle to save Raynie and Marco. In other words, White moved first.
  • Stocke's explanation for how he learned the Vanish technique is that he "saw Heiss using it and asked for a brief lesson," which seems like him simply throwing out a line that doesn't reveal the existence of the White Chronicle. But it becomes a case of Fridge Funny when you realize that his story is entirely true, if omitting a few key details: Stocke saw Heiss using the skill, against him, in the other timeline. And he "asked" for a brief lesson by goading Heiss into repeatedly using the technique, giving Stocke the opportunity to learn how to copy it (it was a very brief lesson).

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