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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

The Lightspeed Rescue zords were reverse-engineered from the Turbozords.
Both have zords named "rescue zords." The destruction of a zord at the end of season two shows that a blown-up zord leaves big pieces; the Rangers were too busy in the Turbo season to hide the stuff in a dump. It's only logical that someone found them. It also explains how Lightspeed Rescue was able to make giant robots with a tech level remotely close to ours, and why they seemed to still be experimenting as if it were new to them. The program had been around for at least a decade, so they wouldn't still be in beta testing unless they had a relatively recent breakthrough.
  • Also worth noting is that the Omega Megazord and the Rescue Megazord have similar configurations. Oddly enough, the Lightspeed Megazord has a similar configuration to the Zeo Megazord...
  • And by extension, that could have led to them figuring out how to build morphers.

The fact that Marine Bay once inhabited by demons was partly the reason why alien attacks in MMPR is focused primarily on Angel Grove.
Word of God said Marine Bay is somewhere near Angel Grove. The city must still have a presence of dark powers from the hidden demon base. Rita and Zedd likely find the general area as the perfect staging attacks.
  • Related to this, they discover the same presence somewhere in Egypt, where the tomb the demons were imprisoned in is located. Word of God says Finster added Egyptian sand into the King Sphinx clay mold.

The And Knowing Is Half the Battle segments exist within the Power Rangers universe.
Lightspeed Rescue are rescue workers with public identities, it wouldn't be out-of-character for them to film Public Service Announcements like the ones we see at the end of the episode.

Vypra's infamously bad acting is the result of attempting to emulate humans and failing

She's the only human-like demon, so what if she looks human because for one reason or another she wants to emulate them, but can't get facial features or vocalizing with a human mouth correctly? Thus the apparently bad acting?

Andrew Hartford was a benefactor for lightspeed and got his hands on the Cyborg Rangers Technology to build Mack.
When the Cyborg Rangers where dismantled, Hartford to some of the tech through supporting lightspeed and reverse-engineered the tech to create Mack.

General Mcknight is related to Conner
someone had to say it.

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