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  • During the debut battle of the Rescue Zords, there's a bit where just the legs and pelvis of the Megazord walk up to cool some lava into rock to let them get at a burning building. Walking pants are funny, giant robot walking pants are hilarious.
    • In the same episode, Joel returns from buying flowers for Ms. Fairweather just as the monster is sighted. He then runs into Captain Mitchell, and this exchange happens:
    Joel: I just came back from a secret mission. So secret, not even you know about it.
    Cpt. Mitchell: (sees Joel's Bouquet of roses) At the flower shop? (Joel flinches) You're just lucky there's no time to waste. Get going!
  • The ending of "The Last Ranger", where Joel tries faking amnesia to get out of a strict training course. It backfires when Miss Fairweather calls his bluff. How was that, you ask? Well...
    Joel: I can't go. I don't know who I am!
    Dr. Fairweather: You're the Green Ranger?
    Joel: Never met the guy. (starts to leave)
    Dr. Fairweather: That's too bad! I was thinking about asking the Green Ranger out on a date! (Joel freezes in his tracks. She sighs, gives a wave and leaves)
    Joel: What?! Wait! (goes after her while the other Rangers are laughing their asses off)
    • For that matter, the continued failed attempts for Joel to get a date with Dr. Fairweather. In "Rising from the Ashes", Joel saves her life, and she invites him to dinner. However, she invited all the other rangers too. They all burst out laughing at Joel in his dress outfit.
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  • Just after Joel's first struck out with Miss Fairweather, having pissed her off good by unintentionally insulting her for trying to tell him how to fly his Zord, he turns around to see the others were watching him. They then proceed to taunt him by gesturing a crashing plane. What a team.
  • During the Curse of the Cobra arc, as Thunderon is handing the Rangers their behinds, Falkar is watching from the sidelines, planning to hog the credit, and Power Rangers briefly dips into Black Comedy.note 
    Falkar: I'll sit back and let Thunderon do all the work, and I'll take all the credit!
    Falkar: (audibly soiling himself) Oh, er, Diabolico! I was just saying how I wish I could be up there, helping Thunderon, right now!
    Falkar: Maybe, but let's just see how Thunderon does!
    Diabolico: Oh, but I insist!
    (Diabolico throws the growth card into Falkar's back, and he promptly grows.)
  • "The Great Egg Caper" is full of them, thanks to the goofy-ass monster Birdbane- with his wild takes, Ed Wynn voice, and having the Batlings loot a grocery store in search of Jinxer's egg, he's one of the more memorable monsters in the series.
    Joel: Thank goodness, this wig is itchy!
  • During "The Fate of Lightspeed, Part 1", in the middle of a very dark moment when the Rangers are trapped and Jinxer and the Batlings have taken over the Omega Megazord, cut to Jinxer sitting in the cockpit pressing random buttons while saying "I've wanted to fly one of these things since I was a kid."
  • During "The Mighty Mega Battles", Joel tries to make Clark jealous throughout the episode. One stunt he pulls is when he poses as a scientist, wearing glasses that make his eyes look comically big.