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Chang is a resurrection of One-Eye.
Valhalla Rising Spoilers: During Valhalla Rising, One-Eye is having visions of a violent future that he can't avert. At the end of the movie, he seems to have accepted his fate and sacrifices himself, which is followed by a final scene that seems to imply that One-Eye has ascended to being a God due to his sacrifice. Considering his stoic nature, his future vision and capabilities far beyond those of a human, Chang might as well be the spirit of One-Eye who has descended to the modern world to serve up justice among humans. That would make Only God Forgives an upright Sequel to Valhalla Rising.

This film is not only a sequel to Valhalla Rising as stated above, but is also a prequel to Drive

Julian has many visons (which is Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane due to his Ambiguous Disorder) throught the film. Chang cutting off his arms at the end is merely symbolic, him realizing what could befall him if doesn't leave his criminal lifestyle. He may live, but non unscathed. In reality, Chang allowed Julian to live because Julian saved his daughter. Julian goes back to America, but his vison is an Ignored Epiphany and goes back to crime, this time as a getaway Driver. The year is never established in O.G.F, meaning that it could take place before the events of Drive. Further more, there is numerous similarities between Julian and The Driver: Both are portrayed by Ryan Gosling, both are The Stoic, and are later shown to be Not So Stoic, both have a soft spot for children (Julian spared the father after learning that his revenge is justifed, and he saves Chang's daughter. The Driver likewise does everything in his power to save Benico.) Furthermore, going by the original book by James Sallis, The Driver also has a poor relationship with his mother, though the specfics differ from the book. They also both have similar speaking patterns. Any further differences can be chackled up to Character Development.


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