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The Hardy Boys will make an appearance at some point.
  • Nancy Drew started out as a Distaff Counterpart of the Hardy Boys and the two franchises have had so many past cameos and crossovers that it’s almost inevitable there will be another. This could even spawn a Hardy Boys Spin-Off series.
    • There are fans who suspect that Ace is Joe Hardy, but nothing has been proven yet.
      • As of season 2, he is revealed to have an older (paternal half) brother He's revealed to be Grant the new line cook at The Claw who was born into the Witnessed Protection Program since his mom witnessed an crime which lead her to meet Thom who was her protective detail. They had an relationship which resulted in Grant although Thom never about him until they met in Season 2.
      • Given that his ex-girlfriend's name is Laura, it's also possible that he is actually their father Fenton Hardy.
      • Alternate theory: He's a Composite Character of Phil Cohen and Tom Swift Jr. both Hardy Boys characters.
      • Since Ace shares aspects with both of them. With Phil the similarities are. #1. Both are Hackers. #2.Both have an good sense of humour no matter what the danger is. #3. Both are Jewish (If you remember The Haunting Of Nancy Drew Ace stored Lucy's remains in an Hanukkah box and when John picked up an dreidel Ace said he made that one when was an kid). However since Ace's dad is named Tom and people assume that Ace is only nickname and he's really Tom Swift Jr. Both of these theories are creditable.

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  • Jossed on Tom Swift Jr theory since he appeared in an Season 2 episode and he was Race Lift.

  • Potentially Jossed: Hardy Boys now have a series on Hulu and a crossover is unlikely because of being on different networks

The Aglaeca has a grudge against the Marvin family.
  • Its first choice of victim is Owen and in the season finale, its image is in a painting done by one of Bess's ancestors who is described as "troubled".
    • Confirmed. The second episode of the second season reveals that she was robbed and murdered in part due to the actions of a Marvin ancestor.
Lucy Sable's Death was neither accidental nor suicide. It was supernatural.
  • Take a close look at the dress when Nancy finds it in the pilot episode. The torso is perfectly intact and yet Carson says it was the only thing he found. So how did it get off Lucy if it wasn't torn free?
    • This means one of two things: Either Lucy was involved with the supernatural herself, offering one explanation for why her spirit still lingers and how she seems to manifest with ease, or the Hudsons (Everette may have been the one to threaten Lucy, but it was Celia who ordered Carson to be killed in prison) used some supernatural means to ensure her death (not to mention that of Nancy).
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  • Also a bit of meta reasoning, why leave it a mystery (suicide or accident?) unless it was meant to be revisited?
The Aglaeca is somehow tied to the Sea Queen.
  • The Aglaeca appears to be wearing some sort of crown in its appearances.
  • The Aglaeca seems more connected to The Blood Bucket tradition the town did in the second episode as we later learn that one of her 1975 victims, Rita paid George a visit who already marked for death since her bucket had blood in it when she kicked it over. Now the Crew didn't summon the Aglaeca until The Terror of Horseshoe Bay meaning the Aglaeca doesn't wait in between various summoning rituals to kill people meaning she feeds off the soul of one unfortunate person she chooses yearly because the summoning rituals always don't work to call her if the person does the ritual for a selfish reason.