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Fridge / Nancy Drew (2019)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Lucy Sable as Nancy's mother is extensively foreshadowed throughout the show with multiple instances that make sense on a second rewatch.
    • When Nancy talks to Kate's grave, she basically is asking her mother to haunt her. That is when Dead Lucy begins to interact with Nancy a lot more, guiding her to discover the truth of her parentage.
    • At the Velvet Masque, Lucy shows Nancy exactly why she needs to keep her identity safe from the Hudsons.
    • When Lucy is invoked at the séance, she doesn't grasp the object they're using to invoke her spirit, instead she grasps Nancy's arm. Nancy was the last thing she held before dying.
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    • Nancy being able to find Lucy's ghost and Lucy having such a strong reaction to her being there makes perfect sense; what parent wouldn't freak out upon seeing their child in a deathlike state?
    • Nancy comments on Dead Lucy having strong opinions on her love life. Sounds like a parent alright, and the fact that her relationship with Owen bears some similarity to Lucy's with Ryan probably plays a role too.