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Harry's old boss will be the the Team's Big Bad/Final Boss for the the season.

  • Harry's interaction with his old boss John is a lot like Nate's interaction with his old boss who was the mark for the season finale, serving as an excellent parallel between Harry and Nate. Lola From NOLA, the secretary could also plan a part in the take down.
    • RIZ will be involved as well. Because they are set up just enough to keep them alive in viewer's minds.
    • Confirmed for RIZ.

Breanna is LGBTQ

  • The way she says “The way they love” in her Rousing Speech in "The Card Game Job" implies she has personal experience with that and implied she’s not straight.
    • Confirmed during "The Jackal Job". And then we see her dating another woman in "The Great Train Job".


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