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Quotes / Leverage: Redemption

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Hardison: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think you were done? 'Oh if only you find all the names, then you could just move on.' Harry. Harry. You didn't do just one thing wrong. You've been working on the wrong side for a long time, right?
Harry: Yes, yes, I would have to say that.
Hardison Yeah so you don't get to just do one thing and claim you've repented. You see, in the Jewish faith-
Harry: Jewish faith?
Hardison: My Nana leads a multi-denominational household, so...In the Jewish faith, repentance, redemption, is a process. You can't make restitution and then promise to change. You have to change first. Do the work, Harry. Then and only then can you begin to ask for forgiveness. [Looking at Eliot] You see that cowboy? Man, for the last 12 years I've seen him risk his life to save hundreds of innocent people who will never know his name, all that he still gets up, you know what he says? 'I still got more to do.' So this? This isn't a win. This is the start Harry. [Walks over to Eliot and Parker]
Harry: He's not wrong.
Sophie: He's his father's son.
The Too Many Rembrandts Job

“I teach every kid I meet how to do crime. Crime is fun!”
Parker, The Panamanian Monkey Job


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