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Mac's of the same Mixed Ancestry that her voice actress, Bettina Bush, is—meaning that Mac's dad is black while her mom has Scottish, Cherokee and Polynesian ancestry

Ping's parents are originally from China and Ping's a direct descendant of Shang and Mulan through her mother's side of the family
Ping's probably of Chinese descent, since the name "Ping" is of Chinese-origin—I imagine that Ping's parents chose the name as a way honor to honor what Mulan did to save her family and all of China.

Groove Squad, Kim Possible, Totally Spies! and Braceface all take place in the same universe.
To go off of that, I imagine that if there was ever a TV-series for Grove Squad, it would basically just be a cross between
Kim Possible and Totally Spies with some elements of Braceface thrown in.

Bay City is located somewhere in California.
I'm guessing it's either in the San Francisco-area of northern California or it's a beachfront city somewhere in southern California.

Adrienne's dog, Napoleon, is actually robot.
Even if Napoleon is of a small breed of dog, it seems very unlikely that what looks like a fully grown dog (of its breed) would live fifteen more years after that experience with Dr. Nightingale he and Adrienne had.

Star eventually succeeds in becoming the head cheerleader of Bay City High School.
I imagine it playing out pretty much exactly like Number One, an episode from the first season of Kim Possible—Zeke and the girls are continuously distracted by some superhero-mission (especially Chrissy when it comes to her duties as head cheerleader), which Star uses as a ploy to take Chrissy's position from her. Star does all the same things that Bonnie does to become the cheerleading captain at Middleton High School (selling candy bars or something similar, using the money to get the squad new uniforms, coming up with new routines, etc.), and in the end, succeeds in becoming the head cheerleader with the surprise of Chrissy throwing her support to Star.

However, Star (much like Bonnie) figures that she's now done with hard work—at this, Chrissy (much like Kim) points out that, with being the head cheerleader, the hard work itself is ultimately just beginning. Realizing this, Star starts having second thoughts and eventually gives the position back to Chrissy, very grudgingly accepting that Chrissy's much better at being the head cheerleader than she is.

  • I thought of this WMG because it seems to me that Star really only seems to want to be the head cheerleader so she can have the lead position in routines—also, I figure that while Star would never be as vocal about replacing Chrissy as the head cheerleader, but still angles to have the lead position in routines.

Nightingale uses a fake name to stay under the radar.
His daughter describes him as the richest man in town and his Big Fancy House gives credence to this. If Nightingale didn't use a different name, Adrienne would have stopped thinking he's dead before the beginning of the story and the Groove Squad would have connected the dots even if it took him mentioning Star in front of them to make them stop dismissing the identical surname as a coincidence. Star is never called "Star Nightingale" in the story. He likely stopped showing his face in public way before Adrienne settled in.

Star's mother left because she figured out her husband's real nature.
She would have taken Star with her but Nightingale forced the matter.

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