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  • In a weird way, it's sweet to see that Dr. Nightingale (a big-time supervillain) and Star (who's arguably just as evil as he is) genuine love each other just as much as any other father-and-daughter would.
  • At the end of the movie, which takes place at a High-School Dance, Mac's standing alone by the refreshments table—Adrien and his dog, Napoleon, walk up to her and ask why she seems so sad, and Mac admits that she's bummed that she doesn't have a date for the dance and that guys never interested in her because of her status as The Smart Girl. Just then, Adrien introduces Mac to a young friend of his who happens to attend Bay City High School named Derek. Derek makes it clear that he's interested in Mac, and she decides to give him a chance after Adrien reveals that Derek has a 4.0 GPA.
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  • After Chrissy's flashback explains how she and her friends got their superpowers and became superheroines finally ends, she starts having some doubts about herself not just as head cheerleader, but as a leader in general—while Ping and Mac acknowledge that Chrissy can be kind of full of herself at times (as well as just being kind of a diva in general), ultimately, she's both a good person and a good leader.
  • In an effort to save Zeke and the girls after they show up at the warehouse and discover the whole thing was a setup by Dr. Nightingale, Adrien (a former British secret agent and an old enemy of Dr. Nightingale) tries convincing the Mad Scientist to let the kids go and settle this between just the two of them. Naturally, Dr. Nightingale refuses, but it was still sweet of Adrien to try and protect Chrissy and her friends like that.

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