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Heartwarming / Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)

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  • In Rocket's webisode, we see how he and Groot developed their friendship when both of them are incarcerated in the same prison.
  • In "Can't Fight this Seedling" Quill is very insensitive in the beginning and makes several bad tree puns, has fun with lumberjacks, etc. Quill is submerged into Groot's life force and is forced to relive what the life does, and he's forced to say "I am Groot" for a while. The end has him and Groot coming to more of an understanding and Quill saying he can actually understand Groot more. The last scene between the two is really sweet and filled with understanding.
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  • In "Undercover Angle", Drax stayed in character as a Nova Corps member to the point where he responds the distress signal of a crashing shuttle, saving an alien family from the impact. The rest of the Guardians had to follow through and helped the alien family reunite with safety.
  • Earlier in "We Are Family" Rocket gives Drax grief over the fact he keeps a hologram of his family on his arm and gets sentimental over it. Later, after Rocket loses his own family (all of them are de-evolved back into normal raccoons) Rocket is getting sentimental over his own family hologram, and Drax compliments him on having a fine family. Its especially touching as Drax rarely says anything nice, especially to Rocket.
  • Near the end of "Bad Moon Rising" the Guardians befriend the living moon Mandala, making it an honorary member of the team.
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  • Peter bonding with the Inhumans pet dog Lockjaw in "Crystal Blue Persuasion".
  • In "Accidents Will Happen" Peter meets his half-sister Victoria. Surprisingly, Peter likes her the moment they meet referring to her affectionately as his "little sister", much to her annoyance. By the end of the episode however, Victoria warms up to him.
  • In "We Are the World Tree" Peter doesn't stay with the other Guardians when they are banished from the palace because he still needs to get information on the Cosmic Seed. After he finds out what he needs to know he apologizes to his friends for not sticking with them and is able to get them to forgive him by showing them he stole some pillows and blankets from the palace just for them.
  • In one of the shorts between seasons, Gamora is sent to find a laser gun so rocket can fix the ship. While at a bowling alley she finds a boy named Albert being picked on by his brothers in laser tag, even though it is his birthday. Gamora gets the laser gun she needs but sticks around long enough to train Albert to stand up to his brothers, since she knows what it is like to be tortured by family members. With her help, Albert beats his brothers in a game of laser tag.
  • In "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Drax is constantly patient with Tana while she has her tantrums, demonstrating his skills as a father.
    • All the other guardians are shocked when Drax shows that Tana ripped off the head of Mr. Rhinopus, the toy Drax keeps that once belonged to his daughter. Peter even shouts in genuine concern "not Mr. Rhinopus!" and Gammora decides to help Drax find Tana to make her pay. It shows that the Guardians truly understand how important the toy was to Drax.
    • Tana repairs Mr. Rhinopuss and gives him back to Drax at the end of the episode, along with a note saying that anyone would be lucky to have Drax as a father.
  • In "You Can't Always Get What You Want", while Rocket failed to evolve them, his mom and siblings finally recognize him even as regular animals, and don't want to leave him like they normally do.

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