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Vandervere was financially ruined after the film.
OK, that's just a guess, as the last he is seen is when Dreamland is being destroyed by fire. But the intent was to — in the Where Are They Now scene — include him in his final days as a poor, broke beggar on the streets of New York, but simply being ignored (as everyone knows who he is and that he was a terrible person).
  • It was said during the film that he was short on money, which is why he had a big-name banker at the show(s), trying to drum up money for Dreamland.
  • Considering that he refused to include safety nets for Dumbo and Collette, among other things, I prefer to think he died from smoke inhalation.

Dumbo lives a long, happy life in Asia.
Back in his native Asia, Dumbo lives until the early 1980s, and sires two young elephant sons who can also fly. A tag scene, noting it is now the early 1960s, has the now-adult Farrier children on safari in Asia and they have a chance meeting with Dumbo ... who remembers them and there is a joyous reunion. (His mother, Jumbo, had died several years earlier of a natural death; Holt had also passed away by the time this trip takes place, but Collette whom Holt eventually marries, accompanies her stepchildren on the trip.)

The Pink Elephants on Parade sequence will be featured.
If the movie is directed by Tim Burton, then it will be recreated in his trademark
Stop Motion style.
  • We do see a glimpse of one of the Pink Elephants in the first trailer, but it seems to be rendered in CGI rather than stop motion.
  • The Pink Elephants are actually a complex bubble display trick.

The ringmaster will go through Adaptational Villainy.
Much like in Disney's Villains' Revenge.
  • Technically inverted; the actual ringmaster is finally in favour of Dumbo's freedom, but his negative qualities are transferred to Vandervere.

The Pink Elephants will be less whimsical and more ethereal.
Rather than dancing around to a catchy musical number, they'll be be floating around silently, maybe pulling Nightmare Faces or something, all to a more bleak, ominous soundtrack. The Pink Elephant we briefly see in the trailer seems like it won't be nearly as lively as the ones in the original movie.
  • During the scene, they start following normal "bubble" physics, but eventually the CGI took over and the last elephant-bubble absorbed the others, almost like sucking them in through its trunk.

The Pink Elephants will not be part of a Disney Acid Sequence, but rather a part of a circus act.
The trailer shows one appearing inside a circus tent, implying that they will appear as illusions in a show, with their pink coloration being due to a lighting effect. Their appearance in such a scene would be more or less a nod to the scene in the cartoon, perhaps with an instrumental variation of the song being played in the background.
  • The elephant looks more like liquid floating among liquid bubbles, suggesting that's how they're going to be visualized as an alcoholic hallucination. Probably not part of a show
    • Well, perhaps the guess was right. The second trailer implies it's some kind of bubble act done by the circus, which is confirmed in the final film.

There will be a rescue scene at the film's climax.
For a brief moment in the teaser, we can see Holt riding on horseback through the gates of Dreamland in the middle of a crowd, looking as if he's rushing towards something. It's most likely he's on his way to rescue Dumbo from danger and help him out of whatever jam he's gotten himself into at Dreamland.
  • Holt is shown on a horse, but this was actually to save his children after Dumbo's escape.

Mrs. Jumbo will suffer Death by Adaptation
The teaser shows a shot of an adult elephant (very likely Dumbo's mother) locked away in a circus wagon, then later shows a shot of said elephant being taken away from the circus while Dumbo looks distraught. Given how in the real world violent circus animals are usually put down so they don't put the rest of the circus at risk, the film may go for a more realistic approach and have Mrs. Jumbo taken away to be destroyed.
  • NO! I hope this doesn't happen. That would be way too sad. Especially since she really didn't deserve it. She was just trying to protect her baby (at least that's true with the original version).
    • Thankfully, Jossed as she's been rescued by the circus employees.

The "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence is the whole reason Disney picked Tim Burton to direct this movie.

Casey Jr. will be realistically portrayed.
Rather than try to make a CG monstrosity of an anthropomorphic train, Disney will instead portray Casey Jr. using a real locomotive like Fillmore & Western No. 14 or Sierra Railway No. 3.
  • Confirmed: While not animated, the front of the locomotive obviously resembles a face.

There will be a disclaimer either at the beginning or the end that Disney does not endorse circus acts with animals.
This isn't the 1940s anymore, and circuses got quite a bad rep for animal cruelty since then. Disney would not want to look like a company endorsing animal cruelty.
  • Confirmed: By the standard "No animals were harmed..." disclaimer at the end of the credits.
    • ...what?

The second half of the movie seems to be partially based on the Dumbo 2 sequel that never happened.
From the way the movie's second half plays out, the movie's plot could have easily been part of the plot for the animated sequel that never happened, so it would somewhat be more of a Spiritual Successor to the actual sequel in secret.

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