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Funny / Dumbo (2019)

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  • At the beginning when Dumbo's ears are revealed, Medici is worried his circus will be made a laughing stock.
    Medici: What is that? A face only a mother could love.
    Miss Atlantis: Sir, many of us find you handsome.
    Medici: I was talking about the elephant!
    • Then when Medici orders Holt to make Dumbo's ears disappear and leaves. Holt turns to the magician.
    Magician: Don't look at me!
  • When Dumbo is introduced at the Dreamland Coliseum. Everyone from the movie has a jive to hear that quote when watching a boxing match. Instead it introduces Dumbo and Collete Marchant.
    Michael Buffer/Baritone Bates: Let's get ready for Dumbo!
  • When Medici has a meeting with Vandevere in the ringmaster's trailer, Medici's desk drawer opens to reveal his pet monkey inside. He quickly slams it shut. What's more hilarious is Vandevere can hear the muffled screeching.
    V.A. Vandevere: Is that a monkey in your desk?
    Max Medici: Just for emergencies.
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  • There's something amusing about how the Magic Feather that Dumbo receives changed from black (as it was from the Crows) to white (from Milly's hat).

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