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Lincoln didn't die when in battle with the Shugguth.
If you look closely, you can see one of Queen Ozma's talismans, given to each team member. And with his talk of his time being over, it seems more likely that he traveled to Oz, to live quietly, leaving Earth in Henry, and of course Grant's hands.
  • The Shugguth's power warped space a little, so he went to Mars. John Carter helped him get established.
Lincoln didn't die, and is the God-Emperor of Man
He eventually found his way back to Earth and shape-shifted into a new form.S.T.E.A.M. would later help to inspire the Thunder Warriors and the Space Marines.
The Beserkers are stress-eating
Every time a Beserker is attacked, it will glow red, indicating that it is unhappy. When it glows red, it will eat Randolph's Unspeakable Lure. This is the only time in the game where the Lure can be eaten. After eating it, the Beserker returns to its normal self. The species has learned that eating will reduce their stress levels in a manner similar to humans.
The Beserkers want to become smarter
In Level 9-1, the Beserkers seem to be gathering near a sign at the end of the subway station. They're trying to learn how to read English. They're tired of being strong yet stupid and are trying to become educated on Earth languages.
If Intelligent Systems was hired to make a second Codename STEAM...
Perhaps it could be another Alien Menace but still keep with the Lovecraft bit - either it will be a telling of their first mission being the Shadow Over Innsmouth , or maybe they are investigating the Bloop and it's revealed that Dagon is the cause of it. Random thoughts to how this could work out:
  • Henry is of course a S.T.E.A.M commander - but he doesn't have the full team assembled again due to various reasons - Califia is off ruling California, Tiger Lily is probably in Neverland, and the Oz four are of course in Oz again. This time, it can start with a training mission investigating the Bloop, meaning that Henry and Queequeg are in charge with a couple of new recruits. (Possibly someone like Huckleberry Finn, Slue-foot Sue, or Oliver Twist). Then of course, they have to reassemble STEAM with some new recruits as well - obviously they have to get Radolph Carter out again and possibly liberate California from the new alien menace.
  • Obviously some new recruits could be people like Huckleberry Finn, Slue-foot Sue, Oliver Twist, Pecos Bill, Johny Appleseed, and possibly a few more Ozian recruits like Tik-Tok.
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  • A welcome addition could be a few challenge maps as well - such as maybe a map where you have to fight Moby-Dick.
Whatever world Fire Emblem takes place in has English as its language, not Japanese or any fictional language
While it was believable before since the characters were generally based on medieval Europe, it's basically canon now. There's no talk of a translation device or any period of time spent learning English for the amiibos in Milton's notes, and even in the Japanese version of this game, everyone speaks English (of course even if everything were dubbed in Japanese in the Japanese version, the fact still remains that it's just being translated for the Japanese audience and the Americans are still really speaking English, just like how characters in English anime dubs are pretty much always still speaking Japanese). Without any sort of translation device being mentioned, we have to assume that Tellius and Archanea/Ylisse have English as their language.
An update will enable compatibility with the Roy and Corrin amiibo when they come out
  • It might be a long shot at this point, but it would be nice considering that the other Fire Emblem characters are compatible.

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