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Funny / Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

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  • Someone clearly had fun writing the weapon descriptions. Here's some examples:
    Eagle Rifle: Fires three extremely patriotic shots per attack.
    Medi-Mortar: Heals units in an area with healthful explosions.
    Bananapult: Fires banana peels that make the enemy slip. Seriously.
  • The signs around the game are not only funny, but also great references to other literary works. Examples:
    A reminder to our newer students: please do not read aloud from the Book of Unutterable Names.
    • And not just books, sometimes:
    Witness the epic battle of man verses ape in the newest visi-game released from the Orient!
  • Friendly fire applies to enemies as well as you in this game, meaning it's possible to watch artillery aliens kill their own troops. Or, better still, the artillery boss of Chapter 3 can actually kill itself if it's weakened enough and you trick it into firing on someone really close to it.
    • You can even find the enemy saving you some time by blasting you straight into the goal sector.
  • Berserkers are powerful, but incredibly stupid. They have an intentional case of Artificial Stupidity, and will prioritise destroying nearby obstacles over attacking your characters, including Exploding Barrels.
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  • In a cutscene, we see the bullets the team fires at the aliens are inscibed with "ET Go Home".
  • A lot of the characters have some quite humorous lines. Examples:
    Scarecrow (after eliminating an alien): "I'm on fire! Wait, what am I sayin'?"
    Randolph (after eliminating an alien): "Another specimen lost."
    Stovepipe (after eliminating an alien): Engaging victory dance.
  • A tip screen for a tank.
    Most things will get knocked back if a tank runs into them. That's just life.

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