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Fridge Brilliance

  • The fact that Marth is only able to use melee moves is a subtle (though likely coincidental, since there's no set of two weapons that makes more sense for him) reference to the fact that Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros." Melee.
  • Lucina having a bow as her secondary weapon (and her being so danged good with it) may seem odd, since she normally can't use it in her lord and great lord class, but the thing is, due to her father having the archer class set (and thus Bowfaire), she will always be able to learn how to use one to extremely good effect, regardless of who her mother is.
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  • Ike having the push ability is likely a reference to the fact that his games introduced (and until Fates were the only ones to have) the shove mechanic, which is very similar, though less powerful than it is in this game.
  • As one Miiverse post puts it, "Steam is evaporated water. Ice is frozen water." No wonder your steam-powered weapons defeat ice aliens so easily!
  • Lion says that he's read about Henry Fleming. Considering his goals in his own story, of course he would've read The Red Badge of Courage.
  • When Tiger Lily is first met, she's commented on looking very young, and Tiger Lily is rather quick to say she isn't as young as she looks. Given that she is from Neverland, where people do not grow up, there's a very good chance she's way older than the crew!
  • Given what he's studied, Professor Randolph Carter has a very good reason to be so afraid of these aliens.
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  • For those wondering why Dorothy's shoes are silver instead of ruby, they were actually silver in the original story. The ruby slippers were invented for the film to show off Technicolor.

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