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This show takes place in the same universe as Gravity Falls.
Both shows have supernatural creatures.

Gretchen has a secret crush on McGee.
Because in pretty much all Western Animation aimed at kids, the token girl has feelings for the main character.

The show is in the same universe as Regular Show.
  • If humans don't find it weird talking to zombies and sasquatches, then perhaps some anthropomorphic raccoons, blue jays, and gumball machines also exist in that same world.
    • Armand and Skips may be related, or at least, know each other.

McGee and Suzi's parents might be Jimmy Two-shoes and Heliose
  • Proof: McGee's hair color is same as Heloise from Jimmy Two-Shoes. Suzi also has the same hair color as Jimmy.
    • Also, their design in both shows are somewhat similar.

Gretchen was based on Kimiko Tohomiko.
Both girls are martial artists with pig-tailed black hair. Sure, in Kimiko's case it's just a default mode when she's wearing her Xiaolin uniform but it still counts.

Phineas and Ferb will cross over with Camp Lakebottom.
Phineas and Ferb will become bottom dwellers whose inventions will make Suzi and Buttsquat want them to join Camp Sunny Smiles. Doof will want to exact revenge on Buttsquat's father for some reason by creating a camp-snow-inator and using it to make Camp Sunny Smiles so cold nobody will want to be there. Perry and Armand will join forces.

The future selves of Armand, Sawyer and Rosebud were just pranking Buttsquat in the "Spacebottom" future.
At the end of "Clockwork Slime", the viewers are shown a future where Camp Lakebottom was renamed "Camp Spacebottom" and Jordan Buttsquat works there as a janitor. However, future Buttsquat's memories are from a timeline where he took over Camp Lakebottom and turned it into a hair gel plant. It's possible that he inherited Camp Sunny Smiles and the owners of Camp Spacebottom are just tricking him into thinking he's their janitor.

Buttsquat's father will get in trouble with the Intimidating Revenue Service.
That would explain Buttsquat's future self being a janitor at the end of "Clockwork Slime".

Gretchen is Secretly Wealthy.
Gretchen's similarities to Kimiko Tohomiko were set up to make fans hope for that.
  • Confirmed. In "Meet the Gretch's Parents", her parents are revealed to be Hollywood stars and her friends at Camp Lakebottom didn't know it either until they showed up there.


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