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Fridge / Camp Lakebottom

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Fridge Horror

  • Think about it. How many times did the main three nearly got killed by one of the supernatural things that happened at the camp? ...And then the counselors wonder why they didn't get any campers in a long time... You wanna bet that it's because at least one camper got killed in the past?
  • Even worse: Buttsquat takes the camp rivalry a little too far. How often does he try to KILL McGee or any other Lakebottom camper? Doesn't he realize that this will make of him a murderer? Worse even, doesn't he realize that he's trying to kill Suzi's brother? Suzi is Buttsquat's best friend, by the way...
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  • Unfortunately, Buttsquat has good reason to believe Suzi won't care.

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