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The fic is heading for a Downer Ending where Nohr loses the war and Corrin dies or goes into exile
Recently Hans tells Sakura that not only is Nohr unable to beat Hoshido in a full blown war but that its dysfunction guarantees its defeat. Hoshidan planning has already inflicted major casualties on the Nohrian invasion force without it breaching the core of the kingdom. Considering the story's track record so far, one can figure the crime filled dump of a kingdom is going to lose to the kingdom that's not one. When that happens, either Corrin dies fighting Hoshido or she gets sent into exile by whichever sibling orders it.

Corrin's Hard-Drinking Party Girl status will be what kills her
Unregulated amounts of alcohol. Lots of unprotected sex. Pre-modern medical services. In a series that runs on Reality Ensues, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch for something like alcohol poisoning or an STD to be what does her in.
  • Semi-confirmed; she goes out this way in the April Fool's Day chapter (it's Played for Laughs), but no word on the actual story.

Hans will get a redemption arc.
  • Jossed. He's dead. Leo kills him.

Hinoka's apparent death is a trick carried out by Gunter
In Game!Fates, Gunter's family was killed on Garon's orders and he worked as Corrin's retainer to undermine his king. While this fanfic's Garon is a
Well-Intentioned Extremist, that doesn't mean he couldn't have done something to make Gunter an enemy.

The only source we have on Hinoka's death is Gunter, and not only were the circumstances of her supposed death suspicious (see the lack of a corpse), but it was noted in-story as being odd. It wouldn't be too difficult to spirit Hinoka out of the castle (and lending her a walking stick once they were far enough away) and just make a fib where he claims to kill her after taking a boy hostage.


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