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YMMV / A Brighter Dark

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  • Better Than Canon: Judging by the reviews, readers tend to prefer this story to the original. Reasons vary between more realistic depictions of the characters, a main character with more agency and backbone, focus on the underlying reasons for both sides going to war, the focus on the separate cultures of both sides, the way it gives equal representation to both sides of the conflict, or the more violent and darker storyline.
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  • Crack Pairing: Hans and Sakura. After you've gotten over the idea of Hans being shipped with anyone, then you can start wondering who in the right mind decided to ship him with her!
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Up to about Chapter 30, the author had failed to look up a single map of the entire game, going entirely off of their own memory. This led to several locations being way off from where they actually were. After a minor major breakdown due to the discovery of this, the author has declared that there is no longer a map and it does not exist.
      • The Ice Tribe was placed in the far north, rather than just south of Castle Krakenburg.
      • Cyrkensia is placed on the Hoshido side of the continent, rather than the peninsula on the Nohrian side.
      • Cheve is in the location that Port Town of Dia was.
      • Hoshido is much larger than it probably should be, being divided up among 12 Shoguns to govern.
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    • Nohr does allow the children of Garon's mistresses to succeed him, which does explain why said children's mothers had such intense rivalries- any one of their children could be the next ruler of Nohr.
  • Designated Hero: Corrin can come across as one. As the main character, she's given the most screentime and personality, however said personality can come across as rude, crass, and unpleasant. Her support of Nohr's warlike tendencies, and the unapologetic stance she takes on the Hoshidans she's killed, can make it hard for the audience to support her. As the story goes on, however, the effect is mitigated as Corrin becomes even more morally questionable. People in story are always questioning whether or not she is morally justified, and without any clear answers, the audience is left to decide for themselves whether or not it was all worth it in the end.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the April Fool's Day chapter, Iago claims that Camilla, Leo, and Elise all have flimsy claims to the Nohrian throne because they are Heroic Bastards. Even disregarding the fact that canon Birthright ends with Leo becoming king of Nohr, his support with Lianna in Warriors explicitly states that the children of Garon's mistresses do have a claim to the throne.
  • Iron Woobie: Due to Adaptational Angst Upgrade, Silas has potentially one of the most depressing backstories in the entire story. Not that you'd ever know by how he acts.
    Charlotte: How are you so okay with all the horseshit in your life?!
    Silas: My...personality?
  • One-Scene Wonder: We never even learn his real name, but 'Bob' captured the hearts of many fans seemingly just by existing. He only appeared for two chapters and was never heard from again, but in that time he managed to stand out as a smart guy, reliable, and very willing to help a stranger in need.
  • Squick: Soleil, who is implied to still be Laslow's daughter in this universe, flirts with and kisses him. Bleargh.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Mikoto finally gets Corrin back, only to discover her sweet child has become a foul-mouthed and violent alcoholic who has slept with more people than she can count. Then Corrin rejects not only her but the idea of anyone other than her captors being her real family. As if that wasn't enough, Corrin isn't fazed or the least bit guilty after her death, and continues to use the sword that killed her.
    • Flora's death, and the events of the Ice Tribe arc in general. It's not only the fact that Flora dies right after having gone through the destruction of her entire tribe, but she also dies cursing Corrin's entire existence with her last breath, makes the scene a bit hard to read.
  • Troll: For some reason, this fic seems to draw them. Trolling comments make up about 10% of the review board. The creator has so far tried to respond with The Power of Love, birthing the "Feed the Troll Foundation" which is dedicated to being as nice as possible by 'feeding them' compliments and encouragement. Results have been... ineffective.
  • Wangst: Corrin's depression after the events of the Ice Tribe arc seemed to drag on for a bit. For fans who preferred her strong and defiant personality, this felt a bit out of character and more reminiscent of her original personality.

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