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On the authorial bias of Twilight Sparkle...
Just why does Twilight Sparkle keep making her pathetic attempts to whitewash Sullamander's obvious sexuality whenever she discusses her Psycho Lesbian traits? Is it because Twilight's a homophobe or just squicked out over the paedophilia aspect of the whole thing? Or is it a case of Political Correctness Gone Mad — that is, Twilight's so hooked up on the Unfortunate Implications of Psycho Lesbian (the whole "being crazy and being lesbian are interlinked" thing) that she absolutely refuses to give it credence, since Sullamander is obviously a psycho, but admitting she's a psycho and a lesbian proves the belief right... completely unaware that this is just as sexist in its own way, since it's perfectly possible to be both a crazy bitch AND a lesbian without one leading to the other?

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