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Super-Nova is a Ren'py based furry Visual Novel by Rotshild. It revolves around a world full of superheroes.

Nick, out on a stroll for a friend's college project one day, comes upon Templar, who dies and gives him his armor and thus his title as Templar. Initially skeptical of this, the remainder of the Sentinels are forced to accept this change. From there, Nick has to choose between the secretive Mnesis, the friendly Superfang, or the cynical Baron-In-Black to be his mentor.


See also Glory Hounds, which also deals with furry superheroes, if in a more campy manner.


  • Corporate-Sponsored Superhero: Some superheroes work with the government.
  • Expy: Naturally, a lot of characters draw upon existing superheroes:
    • Templar is largely the Superman analogue, with traits from Green Lantern (power armor that can be passed).
    • The Baron-In-Black is pretty much Batman as a rat.
    • Unbound is essentially a female Captain Atom. She is the most prominent female hero, but has no Wonder Woman Wannabe traits.
    • Mnesis visually draws from Robin and Green Arrow (and associates), but has actual superpowers.
    • Superfang is described as "the Hulk but friendlier".
    • "Omen" is a Constantine wannabe.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The Baron-in-Black is a rat dressed in all black to fight crime, yet is one of the most principled heroes. That said, he is a Jerkass to Nick due to not bearing him taking the mantle of his fallen best friend.
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  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: An "agree-to-disagree" thing among the various superheroes: some, like Mnesis, see it as necessary while Superfang tries as hard as he can to avoid that. Each route reflects that: Nick's weapon in Mnesis's route is a sword, hard to use non-lethally, while in Superfang's it is a warhammer.