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Glory Hounds is a superhero comedy furry visual novel by Echo Project.

Alex de Rooij, your regular everyday dalmatian working a dead end job, has his boring life suddenly upended when he discovers his boss's secret identity as the masked vigilante known as the Dawn Hound. Thrust into a new position as his sidekick, he soon finds it comes with some rather unusual workplace hazards - from invisible fashionistas to fish mobsters from the depths of the local canals. As threats continue to mount, Alex will have to step up to the plate to fight for the fate of his hometown - as well as decide his own.

Unusually for a visual novel, Glory Hounds is episodic, meaning each update will be fully standalone.

See also Super Nova 2022, another furry visual novel about superheroes.


  • Aliens in Cardiff: A superhero story set in the Netherlands. Consider previous Echo Project titles took place in the USA or in outer space.
  • Feather Fingers: Played with. Some bird characters do have feathered hands, while others have talons.
  • How We Got Here: Alex starts to reminisce and ask the audience how he got there. Khameu, however, is having none of it and rips the flashback in two (though the backstory continues anyways).
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople): Although not taking place in the same universe as the main Echo games Glory Hounds does use the same country terminology. The Netherlands for example are here known as Batavia much as in The Smoke Room.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to Echo and Adastra is is much campier, in homage to superhero comics. However, it is not devoid of violence and sex, although neither are present as of the first build.
  • Pronouncing My Name for You: One to deal with all them Netherlands jingo.
  • Shout-Out: Besides the Istanbul (Not Constantinople) terminology, there are multiple other references to previous games of the Echo Project:
    • Lion's Brigade is a movie mentioned both here and in Echo.
    • The Stained glass windows of the Haen have pictures of both Chase Hunter and Marco and Amicus.
    • A Spanish telenovela is heavily implied to be this universe's take on Echo (same as Adastra is a Star-Trek like show in Echo).