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Arlette is an awkward girl who likes plants more than other people. Oaxa is a bee alien conqueror of planets who's not very good at it. What does Arlette do when said bee alien conqueror suddenly appears, towering over her and staring menacingly? Offer her tea, of course!

Serre is a Visual Novel about a girl and an alien drinking tea and falling in love. It was developed by Adrienne Bazir in 2017 for's Yuri Game Jam. Lindar K. Greenwood composed the soundtrack and oversaw the sound design, and Allen Martsch served as beta tester. The game can be downloaded on for 5 dollars. For 10 dollars or more you also get access to an art book, which includes Concept Art and bonus comics.

Serre contains examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: The art book reveals the story takes place in a city in France.
  • Almost Kiss: In Chapter 3, during a tender moment, the player is given three options that are all variations of "kiss Oaxa." The two lean in... only for Oaxa to lean in and give Arlette a Bear Hug, while Arlette mentally berates herself for forgetting that of course Oaxa doesn't understand what a kiss is, lacking a mouth.
  • Caring Gardener: Arlette adores flowers, partly because they can't say cruel things about her.
  • Distant Finale: The epilogue shows a slightly older Arlette and Oaxa, still happy and still together.
  • Extra Eyes: Oaxa has six eyes, being designed after a bee.
  • Flower Motifs: Arlette explains the symbolism of flowers like roses and narcissuses to Oaxa. On another note, Oaxa is a very bee-like alien who is drawn to Arlette, a gardener who lives surrounded by flowers.
  • Interspecies Romance: A love story between a human and a large bee-like alien.
  • Translator Microbes: Oaxa has a translator that's small enough to wear like a pin that allows her and Arlette to understand each other perfectly.
  • Wham Line: Two in quick succession from Oaxa after she learns just how big the planet she's been sent to conquer actually is:
    Oaxa: This is Earth, isn't it?
    Arlette: !
    Oaxa: Oh... Oh, no...
    Oaxa: Mother has sent me to Earth to die.