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Video Game / The Milestone Tree

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Shown: Milestones, Meta-Milestones, Prestige, Prestige Energy, Super Prestige, Prestige Boost.

The Milestone Tree is an Idle Game made in The Modding Tree by qq1010903229/loader3229 and released in 2021

It focuses on the milestone aspect of these games. When you reach enough points, you can get a milestone which is going to have one of many different effects, like generating points, multiplying points based on points, improving effects of previous milestones, and even unlocking new layers, like prestige points, prestige boosts, and even meta-milestones. With 100+ milestones, this is probably the most exhaustive mod with them.

It is available on Github.

This game provides examples of:

  • Cap: Transcend points are hardcapped at 1e16 to prevent milestone cost scaling and 1st Milestone's softcap from starting too late.
  • Challenge Run: The atomic prestige point layer introduces challenges, where you have to reach enough points without features like prestige boosts or with reduced points. Each completion raises the requirements for another one and provides a small reward.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each layer can be identified thanks to its color.
    • Milestones: Dark purple
    • Prestige: Grey
    • Super-prestige: Blueish gray
    • Meta-milestones: Purple
    • Prestige boost: Turquoise
    • Hyper-prestige: Light blue
    • Atomic-prestige: Aqua
    • Transcend: Yellow
    • Hyper boost: Mint
    • Prestige energy: Orange
    • Super energy: Fiery orange
    • Extra-milestone: Slightly lighter purple
  • Diminishing Returns for Balance: Once you reach e1.000e9 points, the game will softcap 1st Milestone's effect (the thing that produces points) with a lowered power. It can be delayed, though.
  • Double Unlock: Almost all upgrades are unlocked once you reach certain milestones, but some have a cost of infinity points. To actually make them buyable, you have to be in a certain challenge or complete a challenge enough times and then earn enough points to actually afford them.
  • Export Save: You can export the 6KB+ save file to the clipboard and paste it into a window that pops up.
  • LOL, 69: The 69th milestone is marked as "69th Milestone lol" in the tab.
  • Not Completely Useless: Transcend Upgrade 64 divides hyper boost costs by 1e300,000 and 71 does the same by 1e30,000. While that's a pittance as by the time you can afford it they'll cost more than e200,000,000, it can be hard to get enough hyper prestige points to buy even a single boost in a Transcend Challenge when it costs 1e413,950 without it and you can only get somewhere around the 1e150,000 mark.
  • Post-End Game Content: V.1.145 has an endgame of 145 milestones. However, it's practically impossible to get Hyper-Prestige Upgrade 41 before that point, so you'll have to continue and grind a little longer to get it.
  • Reset Milestones: Exaggerated. The first layer is called Milestones and adds one every time you reset it once you have enough points. They generally grant new layers, upgrades, and small boosts, but some make resets not reset anything or provide other quality-of-life features. Later on you can reset for meta-milestones based on milestones and extra-milestones based on meta-milestones, with those providing their own boosts and automation.