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9th Company (9th Company:Roots of Terror in English speaking countries) is an RTS game following 9th Company in Afghanistan based on the movie.

It has an somewhat in-depth system for support (Being able to call in Airstrikes, Mortar strikes or Missile barrages), with good performance on missions awarding additional support, it also has a stat system with Perma-death for your soldiers and soldiers can run out of ammo/scavenge it from the battlefield.


9th Company provides examples of:

  • Ascended Extra: The other Training Officers in the Film are now both named and playable unique characters.
    • The Sunglasses wearing mysterious man from the Film who might have been a mujahedeen foreign advisor is now a recurring enemy character model.
  • Emergency Weapon: The Markarov and Knife fall under this.
  • Enemy Exchange Program: While you can't freely take enemy weapons, you can take their vehicles if you can snipe the driver/gunner and take ammo/grenades from fallen enemies.
  • Good Bad Bugs: If you capture an enemy vehicle (By having a sniper pick-off the driver/gunner of a truck for instance.) or have all the crew get out of an allied vehicle, you can still drive it if everyone gets out of it, so a driver-less truck/tank/APC can be driving around due to a debug function left enabled in the game files and not disabled by default.
  • Heal Thy Self: You can get medpacks for Units to heal each other/revive injured units laying on the ground.
  • Obvious Beta: Missions can bug out and not work properly forcing a restart, vehicles can drive themselves without a driver and quitting the game and loading a mission mid-save will occasionally break the mission.
    • The AK 74 U is pretty much pointless as a bug prevents it sharing ammo with the full-size version, considering how missions can require alot of shooting and ammo crates only carry ammo for the full-size AK 74, this means you can only replenish ammo from other player soldiers with the AK 74 U as no enemies carry it.
  • Secret Level: Keeping at least one member of film's cast alive in the final level unlocks a secret level.

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