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Missing Children is a Horror-themed Adventure Game by Chilla's Art.

Sato is a woman known for helping out children at school, having earned herself the nickname "bully detective". She's been called by a friend on the force, Yamada, to help out the police with a case. Three junior high school girls (Mizuki, Kanae, and Akiko) have gone missing, and their online conversations imply that the three have run away.

With the assistance of another cop named Funahashi, Sato takes the case.

The game was released on Steam for PC on June 12th, 2020.

Missing Children contains examples of:

  • Always Night: The sky in the game is always shown as night.
  • Get Out!: Mizuki's mom orders Sato to leave her house after catching her in her room.
  • Infinite Flashlight: There's no sort of indicator if Sato's flashlight needs new batteries, nor do there appear to be any you can find in the game, so this trope's probably in play.
  • Lock and Key Puzzle: There are quite a few locks you need to find keys for.
  • Missing Child: Three in this game. Akiko, Kanae, and Mizuki. They ran away together, and Sato's trying to find them.
  • Multiple Endings: Two. A good ending, and a bad ending.
    • Good Ending: Sato finds the girls sitting at the dock with a strange black figure, followed by an epilogue stating what's happened in each of the girls' lives, and how Sato feels she's made up for Takumi's death.
    • Bad Ending: Sato finds the girls at the bottom of the lake, and then turns around to get shoved in herself by some mysterious black figure. She comes to after Funahashi pulled her out, but feels bad that she couldn't help the girls, and that she still hasn't atoned for Takumi's death.
  • The Runaway: The game is about looking for three runaway kids. At the same time, Sato herself is dealing with the death of her own child, Takumi.
  • Notice This: Things you can interact with have a white pointer above them.
  • Save Point: Yamada serves as this. Talk to him at the police station to save your progress.