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Maze Runner AKA Rogue Runner utilizes ASCII graphics to depict a maze from an overhead third-person perspective. Gameplay is similar to Apogee's Kroz series; the objective in each level of the maze is to maneuver the player character in real-time through a series of corridors and evade enemies to find the entrance to the next level. Scattered throughout each level are pickaxes which may be used to kill attacking opponents, teleport scrolls capable of instantly transporting the player character to a random point within that level's maze, and maps which reveal the maze to the player in greater detail. The game ends when the player retrieves the Heart of Courage from the deepest level of the dungeon or is killed by contact with an enemy. Designed by Scott Miller, the game was also published under the name Maze Runner in Softdisk's Big Blue Disk #26 released in December 1988.

Nothing to do with the James Dashner novel and its film adaptation.

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