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Adventure Fun-Pak is a video game developed and published by Apogee in 1987 for DOS. It's a Shovelware collection that contains four games:

  • Maze Runner: (here: Rogue Runner) A maze game in which you must find the Heart of Courage and avoid other dead adventurers. The game contains helpful items (pickaxes and maps).
  • Night Bomber: A strategy game in which you must pick an angle between 1 to 45 degrees, and then fire a bomb at the enemy city. For some reason, there's no way to come back to the main menu.
  • Diamond Digger (here: Raiders of the Forbidden Mine): A game in which you collect gold for money, air for survival and avoid an aggresive ghost.
  • The Thing (1988): An Interactive Fiction game which doesn't actually have you type commands. You're supposed to shoot the Wumpus and find gold.
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