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Friday night funkin', but bad is a Friday Night Funkin' Game Mod originally made by Youtuber "Chocolatte with a side of milk" that, as its title suggests, is very bad.

The art style is intentionally awful and possessed poor MS Paint quality, while the vocals of every character are all sung by one voice actor and horribly off-key at that. Despite its intentionally dreadful quality, its strange charm made it quite popular, resulting in a plethora of other modders creating their own "bad" versions of other mods, such as The Tricky Mod and Vs Whitty.

After the creator was exposed for drawing NSFW art of a minor(among other things), the mod was deleted and discontinued, with the creator deleting all of their social media. However, she has since apologised and revived the mod.

A semi-official remake is in progress.

This mod contains the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Curves: Inverted. The Girlfriend and Mommy Mearest are somewhat busty in the original, but they're made completely flat here.
  • Adaptational Name Change: Literally almost every name has been changed in the mod, for both the characters and the songs:
    • In regards to the characters:
      • Boyfriend and Girlfriend become "Boifend" and "Grilfend" respectively.
      • Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest become "Father Fearsome and Mother Fearsome" respectively.
      • Skid and Pump become "Skidoodle and Pom-Pom" respectively.
      • Monster gets named "NEIL", in an obvious reference to Neil Cicierega, the head singer of the band Lemon Demon, which itself is a common nickname for Monster amongst the fandom.
      • Pico gets named "🅱️ico" - Yeah, with the B emoji.
      • Senpai becomes "Simp" while Spirit gets named "Reddit".
      • Tankman (Currently unreleased) gets named "Subguy"
      • Tricky gets named "Tirky".
    • As for the songs (only Breakfast and Lunchbox stay the same):
      • Gettin' Freaky becomes "Gettin' Bad".
      • Game Over becomes "Pain Over".
      • Tutorial becomes "Unhelpful".
      • Bopeebo becomes "Beep".
      • Fresh becomes "Expired".
      • Dad Battle becomes "Confrontational Talk".
      • Spookeez becomes "Spookarooniz".
      • South becomes "North".
      • Monster becomes "Neil".
      • Pico becomes "🅱️ico".
      • Philly Nice becomes "Philly Mean".
      • Blammed becomes "Cancelled".
      • Satin Panties becomes "Lucifer's Underwear".
      • High becomes "Low".
      • M.I.L.F becomes "M.I.L.K."
      • Cocoa becomes "Choccy Milk".
      • Eggnog becomes "Rotten Egg Juice".
      • Winter Horrorland becomes "This guy again?"
      • Senpai becomes "Simp".
      • Roses becomes "Dandelions".
      • Thorns becomes "Splinters".
      • Ugh becomes "Uhhh".
      • Guns becomes "Shovels".
      • Stress becomes "Procrastination".
    • For the Tricky add-on:
      • Improbable Outset becomes "Not Likely".
      • Madness becomes "Anger".
      • Hellclown becomes "Heck Entertainer".
      • Expurgation becomes "Censorship".
  • Dramatic Wind: Hilariously parodied in the Pico level where Girlfriend's hair doesn't react when the train passes by: and when the train has passed, her hair then blows in a very delayed reaction for about two frames.
  • Hell Is That Noise: All the vocals are dubbed over in an extremely bad and amateur way by a single voice actor who sounds 11, leading to a few ear-grating tunes— especially "M.I.L.F.".
  • Stylistic Suck: Everything about it, from the visuals, to the vocals, to the animation, is done to look as low-quality as possible.


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