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Flight is an Adobe Flash video game designed by Krin Juangbhanich released in 2010. In it, a girl named Sandy is lonely during Christmas, so she throws a paper plane with a letter for Santa saying she wants to see her mother. As one would expect, as the plane flies through the world, other people take it and change it as well. This is a standard launch game with the plane being thrown each day. The main source of money is stars, though there are other items that can affect flight, such as cranes, windmills, and jetstreams.

This game provides examples of:

  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects: The Android port changed some things like the paper plane and the cranes into 3D models, but the backgrounds and almost everything else is still 2D.
  • Achievement System: There are 24 in-game achievements of varying difficulty, though they only purpose they serve is being colorful icons. The Android version raises the number of them to 40, but changes them to simple colored trophies.
  • Bland-Name Product: One of the billboards in Japan advertises Hitachu, based on the real-life Japanese telecommunications and other electronics company Hitachi.
  • The Cameo: Several other flash game characters appear after transforming, including the Turtle and the Hedgehog.
  • Challenge Run: The game encourages beating it as fast as possible with several in-game achievements, such as clearing England in 8 days or under.
  • Character Customisation: The plane's color scheme and pattern can be customised.
  • The End Is Nigh: After the Egyptian man receives the plane, he looks at the drawing of a man and a woman near a fire and misinterprets it as some kind of catastrophe, after which he bites his finger and writes "THE END IS NEAR" with his blood.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Throwing the plane backwards results in a game freeze.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Cutscenes always show the default plane model, even if it was upgraded to a higher level or customised.
  • Left Hanging: The plot the whole game started with - Sandy wanting to be with her mother on Christmas. What happened with it, seeing as Santa received Yamato's composition and not the letter asking him for it she originally sent him?
  • Money Multiplier: Getting cranes multiplies the amount of money earned for a short time for a maximum of 5x.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: This game takes throwing a paper airplane and turns it into a launch game with stars and boosting.
  • Post-End Game Content: After finishing the story, you can keep playing the game and see how far you get or try to earn most of the remaining achievements. The game randomly selects of five backgrounds each in-game day to keep the attempts more fresh.
  • Smashing Survival: After buying the Emergency Booster upgrade, you can mash space bar rapidly to escape stalling, otherwise the run will be over due to stalling making the plane fall quickly and lose control.
  • Street Musician: Yamato is a Japanese guitarist who plays music on the streets in hopes of getting some money and keeps it in his instrument case. He ends up getting the paper plane and writing his composition in it, beginning the final stretch of the game.