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8 Beat Story is a Japanese mobile rhythm game made by Chronus Inc.

The gameplay is similar to most mobile rhythm games in which the players have to assemble a team of 8 members for the rhythm gameplay sections, level up members and evolve them, grind for song unlocks, and score is determined primarily by the rarity of the cards. However, there is a unique mechanic which is not present in some other mobile rhythm games: maxed out intimacy level is required for evolving members.


The story went as follows (as translated by the game's subreddit community from the game's help section):

In 2020, the introduction of an independent music-making AI called "MOTHER" rapidly changed the development of music.

"MOTHER" wasn't only making songs either. In the search for beautiful singing and dancing 'performers', personified "androids" were made.Furthermore, in order for MOTHER to choose the best performers, teams competed in musical battles ("virtual lives") within an online virtual space.

In 2028, 8 years after the virtual lives began, an exhibition performance on the internet made people all around the world excited for them. Both androids and humans participated as performers, but in 2029, the androids' massive amounts of progress would make it difficult for the humans to achieve victory.


Now, one of MOTHER's researchers fears that MOTHER and the androids are taking control of all music.

To fight against the androids and music, the researcher assembled some members and opened "Otonomori Academy".

In 2031, 3 years since the school opened, girls who love music have gathered at Otonomori Academy. Here, 8 girls are determined to compete in virtual lives.

However, determination alone won't make them win against the music performed by androids. So these sweet girls can grow to adulthood, a former student who is becoming teacher this year (the player) is appointed a role at Otonomori Academy.


8 Beat Story contains examples of the following:

  • Anti-Frustration Features: If the game freezes before the song starts, the stamina consumed will be returned to the player.
  • Cap:
    • The number of Energy Bulls that can be held on a player is limited at 100 per type.
    • The number of event items that can be held on a player is limited at 30,000.
    • Players can increase the maximum number of cards they can hold, but only up to a capacity of 990.
    • And many more instances of this.
  • Gameplay Grading: The player is judged by how long the player's maximum combo is and how high the score is. Getting S rank on both in Expert and Mother difficulties gives Core Jewels, this game's IAP currency.
  • Harder Than Hard: There are two difficulties above hard: Expert and Mother. The latter is only available for some songs, and often only for restricted time periods.
  • Relationship Values: Maxing intimacy values of members is required for evolving them. After the members are evolved, repeating the process will give a significant boost to their stats.
  • Scoring Points: Interestingly, playing the same team at any difficulties will result in mostly equal scores for similar performance levels.
  • Two-Teacher School: The only teachers mentioned in the game are the school's headmistress and the player. Other players were never mentioned in the story.

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