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Cooking Fever is a 2014 iOS game made by Nordcurrent. It revolves around cooking and time management.

This game contains examples of:

  • Allegedly Free Game: While coins are fairly easy to come by, Gems are only available in limited quantities though levelling, up daily rewards, and gambling. Or you could buy one of the bundles, ranging for £0.89 to £89.99.
  • Experience Points: Earned by earning money and upgrading all your restaurants and bakery.
  • Money for Nothing: Coins built up quite quickly after a while, but gems don't.
  • Play Every Day: Restaurants will payout a certain number of coins based on how many levels have been completed (and to what level) every 24 hours. The game will also give you coins everyday for opening the game, after 7 days you also get gems, which are needed for most upgrades. You can also gamble at the Slot Machines, but once you win 15 Gems at the 500/spin payout, you can't win Gems again until the next day.
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  • Unsatisfiable Customer: Without lots of restaurant upgrades, customers are incredibly impatient and will leave.


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