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Gather weapons and warriors from the community's imagination in the first strategy card game designed by its players. Create any card you can imagine, and The Collective decides what will show up on the battlefield. Test your skills (not your wallet) in the game that is never beaten, never solved!

The peaceful planet of Wanderstar and its native Feowyn population are living simple, if boring, lives. All of this is upended when portals start appearing in the sky, and bringing in creatures, spells and warriors from across the multiverse. A band of Heroes from different worlds must control the portals to fight for control of Wanderstar.


Collective Card Game is an online turn-based Collectible Card Game created by Odious Studios. It stands out by being the first card game where all the cards are created by the players, and enter the game via a democratic system.

The gameplay is somewhat like a middle ground between Magic: The Gathering and online CCGs like Hearthstone, with the added element of simultanious turns.

These cards are split into Units (Warriors, Monsters, Buildings, etc.) that remain on the board after being played, and have a specific amount of ATK and HP attached; and Actions (Spells, Equipment, Quests, etc.) that go directly into the DiscardPile graveyard after being played.

All Cards and Heroes in the game are divided into four affinities: Strength (Red), Spirit (Green), Mind (Blue) and Neutral (Gray). Additionally, similarly to Hearthstone, a player chooses a Hero to play as during the game. Each Hero has specific strengths and weaknesses, that your deck should build around. As of May 2020, the existing Heroes are Ashgerdy and Vriktik in Mind, Dhat (Spirit) and Buluc in Spirit, Heldim and [1] Pearlmaw in Strength, and Kyung Mi in Neutral.


The game has multiple modes, including multiple single-player modes against AI Opponents (Sentinels, Colloseum, Practice, Incursion), and a Ranked Versus mode against other players on a ladder, and Arcane Gauntlet, a Draft Mode against other players.

The card creation is done via an ingame programming (or blocking) engine, and an ingame art editor. The cards are then submitted into the Collective subreddit. The cards are then voted on, both in-game and in the subreddit. The Top 10 Cards of each week are added into the game.

Because the cards are made by a huge variety of creators, and the lore justification of portals from various worlds, the game is a very extreme Fantasy Kitchen Sink, including Classic Fantasy Dwarves, Eldritch Abominations, Futuristic Robots, and Master Hackers. Many players have created their own "Realms", a common origin planet for multiple cards with common worldbuilding elements.


Gameplay tropes:

Setting and Flavor tropes:

  • Cat People:
    • The Feowyn from Wanderstar fit this description perfectly. Feowyn from Mir'aj, however, are designed to look more like Fennec Foxes.

  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same:
    • Played With. The Vannarad Dwarves seem to come in two colors, the "oldest" ones, like King Kazrik, have more pale skin, whereas the younger dwarves (most of the ones protrayed ingame) have developed pitch-black skin from being in the dark so long. This makes the younger Dwarves all look nearly identical, with their Armor and weaponry seemingly being their only distinguishing feature.