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Useful Notes / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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Besides being A Good Name for a Rock Band, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a country located in the Caribbean sea, comprised of a bigger island called St. Vincent and smaller islands called Grenadines.

The chain of islands initially belonged to the French, who brought to them a lot of African slaves. They lost the control of the islands in the Treaty of Versailles and the British ended gaining them. They passed through a lot of changes of colonial status, finally gaining independence on 1979.

Recently the government tried to pass a referendum to make the country a republic (and ditch the Queen), but it was received negatively.

The country has a problem with emigration; the high rate of unemployment may have something to do with it. Nevertheless, the tourism has potential of development, even with the frequent natural disasters. The Pirates of the Caribbean saga was filmed in the islands.


The Vincentian flag
The flag's bar pattern is the Canadian pale (one stripe being half the flag's width). Its blue, yellow and green stripes symbolize the sky and the sea, the Grenadine islands, and the islands' vegetation, respectively. At the center are three green diamonds, alluding to the islands' sobriquet "Gems of the Antilles", and arranged in a "V" formation for Saint Vincent.

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