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Saint Lucia (French: Sainte-Lucie) is a country in the Caribbean, located in the Windward Island chain. It is part of The Commonwealth of Nations, as well as La Francophonie, and is notably the only country in the world named after a woman, with the country getting it's name after Saint Lucy of Syracuse by the French. Much of Dr. Dolittle was filmed here, as well as Water (1985).

Originally settled by the French after a treaty with the native Carib Indians in 1660, England took control of the island from 1663 to 1667, and the island quickly turned into a war zone between the British and French, with the island being at war with France 14 times and rule of the island changed constantly between the British and French, with them ruling the island 7 times each, and the island gaining the nickname of "Helen of the West Indies". With the Treaty of Paris at the end of The Napoleonic Wars in 1814, the British took definitive control of the island. The slaves who had worked on sugar plantations on the island were freed in 1838, with the institution of slavery on the island and throughout the British Empire being abolished in 1836. The island gained a representative government in 1840 with universal suffrage coming about in 1953, and became an independent country on the 22nd of February, 1979.


The Saint Lucian flag
The flag consists of a cerulean blue field, epitomizing the sky and the sea, specifically the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea which encircle the country, charged with a yellow triangle in front of a white-edged black isosceles triangle, both triangles representing unity and the Pitons, which are twin volcanic cones located in the southwest part of the island that are a national symbol of Saint Lucia, with the yellow triangle also symbolizing the sunshine and prosperity, and the black and white triangle alluding to the harmonious relationship between the black and white races.


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