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My beloved, my being has set sight on you
From every pore flows out passion and fear
Swinging from joy of red to anguish of blue
I can't muster the courage to ask, my dear.

If pray, perhaps it'll pierce your dreams through
And hear how I bend towards you, revere
You, yet that ship has sailed, my courage flew
I am left alone, I just timidly peer.

But no, I shall not hold back, I want your hands
In marriage and to hold mine close back, warm.
And using your wit and cheer, craft with strands
A fine silken blanket of heat to hold in the storm.

We'll hide together, forever, hand in hand
Never to leave, forget, flee, or disband.

Okay, so I'm a troper of sorts. As you might tell, I'm a bit of a(n amateur) writer/poet. Add in a few doses of programming, math, logic, economics, and what people keep telling me is a fetish for well organized data and you get me. Might call me a bit of scholar. Actually, add in some romantic philosophy in their too. And some Christian/Buddhist/Democratic morals in there. And...

Well, I guess I'll end this by saying I'm a mixed bag of information, knowledge, and philosophies. On the good side, this makes me a great debater. On the other hand, this makes me pretty terrible at describing myself in a concise manner, so right now this page is open for whoever to edit and add on tropes they think fits my persona.

I'm also known as Ramus. It's an interesting story about how I ended up putting his mask on for a while, one that going to take too long to tell.

Tropes that apply to Usht

Liveblogs done or being worked on right now.

Everything below this is a sandbox for others. Just keep it PG-13.

  • Considering all the times I've seen you around Forum Games, it's past time for me to drop by and say hi. (Also, mini-me avatar flatters me no end. I'd like to hug you for it.) — Sabre's Edge
  • HEWO LIL' TROPAW-fringeman
  • I haven't seen that much of you but from what I have you deserve a medal and that medal deserves another tiny medal for it to wear. —SARK
  • The small amount of vandalism here saddens me. Allow me to help cure this terrible disease that is known as an almost-blank page. — Phoenixor
  • You seem like an interesting person. And, well, people who don't have a fetish for well-organized data simply haven't discovered the joy that are spreadsheets. — Latw PIAT
  • While I may not always agree with your opinions, I find you and other tropers to be one of the few non-Too Dumb to Live individuals that I know of. Therefore, I award you an Internet cookie that was baked from the slavering pits of Cyber-Mordor for your consumption. >:) — Ekuran
  • PG-13? Aw, now what am I supposed to do with all this [DELETED DUE TO GRATUITOUS RAUNCH]? -Pykrete
  • Hello, Oh, reincarnating one! That's the only explanation I can come up with for the fact that you go from class to class, leveling each one up to 100 before resetting. You DID say you were Buddhist... (Although obviously you haven't reached Nirvana yet) ~Al Ciao
  • You totally should vandalize people's pages. It's fun. :P -Nekoalexa