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So... you came... Please stay a while! So, whoever this guy is, going by "MOARPYLONZ" is surely an impostor! I am the shadow, the true self- sorry for that. So, the truth then... I'm just a regular troper, just like you! (never mind the fact I'm obscessed with THE MEMES). I'm relatively new here, so I haven't gained a reputation on this site. But if I had to make one, I would be comparable to that one guy that knows much more than you think you do, and is a bit of an enigma. So anyway, I'm the Dub VA expert here, just like Sneasel Sawashiro is the JP VA expert. Enjoy!


     Series I have taken a liking to 

     My Crazy theories based on Actor Allusions (mostly dub) 
  • At the battle of 1999, Dracula/Mathias never died, just reincarnated in another world. While Soma Cruz took his place as the "Dracula" of the original universe, Mathias reincarnated and renamed himself to "Ragna the Bloodedge". Unfortunately, the Belmonts were STILL after him, including a certain person called "Jin Kirasagi", who wants to kill Mathias so much it managed to grow obscessive
  • After Junko died (for realsies) in Super Danganronpa 2, she founded Lastation as a way to "redeem" herself for The Tragedy (or just because she was bored)
    • At the same time, Haruhi Suzumiya decided to found Lowee, and brought Mikuru with her as Financier
  • Aigis is a reincarnation of Suigintou (or is it the other way around?)
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