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Reincarnation Relations (working title)

Running off the idea of "The Actor Rule", or the idea that all of the characters voiced or portrayed by a particular actor are reincarnations of each other (Or at the very least, related to each other), this page serves to guide us through an actor's particular roles by giving special narratives to their respective reincarnations. For extra hilarity, add in an entire series's worth of characters to put in Relationship Voice Actor to the list.


  • At the battle of 1999, Dracula/Mathias never died, just reincarnated in another world. While Soma Cruz took his place as the "Dracula" of the original universe, Mathias reincarnated and renamed himself to "Ragna the Bloodedge". Unfortunately, the Belmonts were STILL after him, including a certain person called "Jin Kirasagi", who wants to kill Mathias so much it managed to grow obscessive.
  • After Junko died (for realsies) in Super Danganronpa 2, she founded Lastation as a way to "redeem" herself for The Tragedy (or just because she was bored)
    • At the same time, Haruhi Suzumiya decided to found Lowee, and brought Mikuru with her as Financier
  • Aigis is a reincarnation of Suigintou (or is it the other way around?)
  • Nanoha's moniker of "The White Devil" becomes prophetic when she reincarnstes into a certain Homura Akemi, who literately becomes the Devil later on in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion.
  • Itsuki is a Power Ranger! And Vergil!
  • Haruhi's Reincarnations
    • Konata
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    • Blanc

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