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Reincarnation Relations (working title)

Running off the idea of "The Actor Rule", or the idea that all of the characters voiced or portrayed by a particular actor are reincarnations of each other (Or at the very least, related to each other), this page serves to guide us through an actor's particular roles by giving special narratives to their respective reincarnations. For extra hilarity, add in an entire series's worth of characters to put in Relationship Voice Actor to the list.


  • At the battle of 1999, Dracula/Mathias never died, just reincarnated in another world. While Soma Cruz took his place as the "Dracula" of the original universe, Mathias reincarnated and renamed himself to "Ragna the Bloodedge". Unfortunately, the Belmonts were STILL after him, including a certain person called "Jin Kirasagi", who wants to kill Mathias so much it managed to grow obscessive.
  • After Junko died (for realsies) in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, she founded Lastation as a way to "redeem" herself for The Tragedy (or just because she was bored)
    • At the same time, Haruhi Suzumiya decided to found Lowee, and brought Mikuru with her as Financier
  • Aigis is a reincarnation of Suigintou (or is it the other way around?)
  • Nanoha's moniker of "The White Devil" becomes prophetic when she reincarnstes into a certain Homura Akemi, who literately becomes the Devil later on in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion.
  • Itsuki is a Power Ranger! And Vergil!
  • Haruhi's Reincarnations
    • Konata
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    • Blanc

Sinister Starlight: A Magical Girl themed Murder game

One day, you encountered a little cute animal on the side of the street, looking hurt. Being the nice person you are, you rescued it without a second thought. You remember it telling you the following:

"This world is in danger from all sorts of unspeakable evils, evils that threaten the universe itself. We can bestow upon you great power, a power that can combat these great evils. Join us, and save the universe!"

When it talked and offered you magical powers that can bend the laws of reality, you took it. You get attuned to your newfound powers, getting ready to embrace magic as part of your life. However, on your first expedition, you get knocked out by a mysterious force. When you wake up, you suddenly find yourself, along with 11 others trapped in a surprisingly lavish mansion, complete with a tea set and chandeliers! Suddenly, a TV turns on, showing a mysterious figure that you can't quite make out of the static.

   Greetings. I know this arrangement is quite unexpected, but I am here to make an announcement. I have assembled you all here to tell you that the magic forces of this world have become unstable. This world cannot support this many magic-users at once. As such, you have all been called here, as a means to cull the... less proficient among us. Do not fret. There will be a great reward for those who survive. We welcome you to our abode... and may Sinister Starlight shine upon you...   


    What Even Is This? 

Sinister Starlight is a murdergame in the style of Murder U inspired by dark Magical Girl anime such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Magical Girl Raising Project, as well as the gameplay mechanics of Mario Party.

    Meet Your Host... 
   The Arch-Mage of Space!   

   If you're wondering why there's no picture of me, I'm a bit camera-shy. I'd also like if the mystery of what I look like stayed just that.   

   Anyway, enough flattery, let's get to me...   

The Arch-Mage sends in tiny cards containing the following information:

  • I'm a Space Master, so I can create portals, Hammerspace, voids, and the like.
  • Again, I'm camera-shy, so you don't know what I look like.
  • I'm not the only Arch Mage. There are others that have command over other aspects of reality.

   I'm afraid that's all of the information I'm giving you for now...   

    How To Play 
  • In the day phase, you'll help people out through specified minigames and obtain what are called "Magical Stars". The outcomes of the minigames are determined through RTD mechanics, and the outcomes are as such:
    • 1: Gives you nothing.
    • 2: Gives you one star.
    • 3: Gives you two stars.
    • 4: Gives you four stars.
    • 5: Gives you six stars.
    • 6: Gives you three stars.
  • At the end of the day, the participant with the most Magical Stars will be immune from any murder attempts for the night, and whoever that is will also be announced to be as such at the end of the day.
  • The number of Stars each player has will be announced at the end of the day. However, the scores are anonymous and don't show which Star amounts correspond to which players. Each player will receive a PM at the end of the day containing only THEIR corresponding Star amount.
  • However, at night, participants can murder others to steal their Magical Stars. This can only be done once per night.
  • Participants may call a trial at any moment during the day phase to discuss any unsolved murders.
  • If they successfully execute the murderer, the murderer gets executed and their Stars are dispersed to the remaining participants. If someone innocent is executed instead, the murderers will get the stars instead. The stars get split evenly between the murderers if there are multiple murderers alive at the same time.
  • Participants can also skip their vote if need be.
  •    Here's an alternate win condition for you   : If at the end of the day, a participant has 15 or more Stars, they'll be allowed to go free via a spell that temporarily removes the magic barrier surrounding the mansion.
  • The game ends when every player, except for two, has either escaped or been killed.

What would a Magical Girl murdergame be like without magic? Those stars don't just look pretty, they also allow you to cast magic spells that can aid you in this murdergame!

Once a night, you may use your magical Stars to cast magic spells that can help you survive in this murdergame!

(These essentially emulate the special abilities of roles in other murdergames)

Low-level spells (Costs three Stars to cast, unlimited uses per round)

  • Illusion: Target two players, and make an illusion that one is the other and vice-versa. This goes for all targeted actions, including spells and murder.
  • Third Eye: Create a third eye in any room of your choosing. Whatever happens in that room, including who enters and exits or takes an action, you will know.
  • Healing: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Target one player to heal. They will survive anything that doesn't ignore your healing. However, if you heal anyone that attempts murder, they'll target you instead.
  • Freeze: Also Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Target one player. That player cannot perform any actions for the remainder of the night. However, doing this also disables your ability to murder for the remainder of the night as well.
  • Divine Shot: Shoot at any other player. If they attempted to murder at any point in the round, they die immediately, and you are given their Stars. However, if you shoot at an innocent, you'll die instead. In addition, you're blocked from using this spell for the rest of the round if you murder at any point in the round.

Medium-level spells (Costs 7 stars to cast, can only be cast twice a round)

  • Necromancy: Choose any question to ask any dead player through the GM via DM in 20 words or less. The dead player will respond in 20 words in less, and you will be told their reply.
  • Luck Enchantment: Cast this spell to increase your luck, and any attempts on your life that don’t explicitly ignore your protection will fail. This spell only lasts until the end of the current night phase, and if any attempts on your life are made, you will see who tried to kill you.

High-Level spells (costs 10 stars to cast, and can only be cast once per round)

  • Assassination: Select any player, and kill that player without leaving behind any evidence or a body. This functions as the kill attempt for the night.
  • Void Shot: target any player and shoot at them with a darkness-infused shot. The shot will kill that player regardless of what is happening. Mainly, Medic healing will fail if the target is hit with the Void Shot, and players with the Luck Enchantment active will still die. This also functions as the kill attempt for the night.

    The Rules 
  • No Godmodding, cheating, or generally bad OOC behavior. If you are caught doing these things, in this murdergame or any other, you will be erased from existence forever (In the Murderverse). A replacement will be found in your place, and you will be banned from all future rounds of this murdergame.
  • If you sign up, you must participate until you die. If for some reason, something comes along so that you cannot participate, PM me and I will remove you from the round. If you don't post for a week (   I'm very generous   ) and you haven't given me a reason, you will be teleported away somewhere remote and a replacement will be found.
  • If your character is dead, don't post in the thread. You can spectate, though. Also, don't give clues to people outside the thread or tell people who are the murderers.    If we catch you, we will erase you from existence forever.   
  • PM all night actions to the host. Do not post in the thread during the night.
  • No stalling, please. If no deaths happen for 2 day/night cycles, the participant with the least Stars will be killed on the spot, and whoever gets the first kill after that (innocents or murderers) will get the extra stars.
  • Remain in character in the thread.
  • Format your votes like so: "/vote (name)". You can retract your vote at any time. Executions are done by a majority vote, and once that is reached, you cannot retract your vote, and the execution will commence.
  • No sharing of DMs from the host until the round is over.
  • No substantial post editing. You may make a second post that corrects any grammatical or formatting mistakes. You may also edit your initial post if need be, but said edit must also contain spoilered text that denotes what was edited. You may not edit a post in its entirety, especially if it's to take back something that implicates you. Whatever you say or do is set in stone.
  • Just because this murdergame is themed after Magical Girl anime, doesn't mean boys aren't allowed! The Arch Magi are very accepting of new witches and wizards, after all.

   Now... Would you please grab the magical contracts that you signed and give them to me? We'd like to have some documentation for future reference...   

    Magical Contract (Sign-Up Template)! 
Source: (You can skip this if you're playing an OC)
Appearance: (Insert an image of your character or a description of their appearance here)
Backstory & Personality:
Abilities: (You will be given magical powers for this murdergame. Feel free to include any hypothetical powers your character would have in here)

   With that out of the way... Let us begin...   

The Participants!















An autonomous weapons platform in the shape of a bee designed to bring about the eradication of humanity. She is also able to take the form of a human girl (actually an Element Doll)... somehow. Played by MOARPYLONZ.
  • Guest Fighter: Originally from the DonPachi games. Her human form is based on Hina from SaiDaiOuJou.
  • O.C. Stand-in: Hibachi in the DonPachi games doesn't really have a "character". In most games, she's just a mindless weapon, and even in SaiDaiOuJou, which at least gave her a human form and personality, her character isn't much more than "True Final Boss". As such, most of Hibachi's mannerisms and traits were invented for the Murderverse.
  • Split Personality: Inbachi is depicted as this. Specifically, when Inbachi is talking, the text is in    evil green   , as opposed to the normal green text when Hibachi is talking.

    Bi A 


  • An Ice Person:Naturally. In fact, She freezes the starting room in ice on the first day and freezes her own room in a giant ice cube that same day at night. She even manages to freeze the
  • Resurrective Immortality: One Running Gag she has is suddenly "dying" out of nowhere, complete with the *pichuun* sound effect. And then, she respawns!


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